Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still sick

This morning I woke up still sick...yes, I had hopes that I'd be miraculously healed...but at least I wasn't worse than yesterday! And I didn't have to sleep with tissue up my nose!! My voice isn't quite as manly, but sure is nasal...lovely.

And energy...I had NONE!!!! Every time I sneezed (which was less today than yesterday) or blew my nose (which is SO raw right now) I'd get dizzy! The kids were good for the most part and understanding of my sickness.

So we had a mellow day...for the most part. The excitement of the day was when UPS came with a package for us. I'd entered to have a pizza party with DiGiorno pizza and they sent all this stuff for the house party. I was concerned they'd be sending frozen pizza in the mail, but turns out they've thought this thru and I got coupons for freebies!!! Smart! The theme for the house party is basketball...and in the package was an over the door basketball hoop and a small basketball....the kids were all over that! And the timer shaped like a basketball, DJ wouldn't leave it alone!!!!!!! HATE that ticking noise!  It follows you!

Dinner was early since it was an Awana nite....but DJ did a song and dance at dinner and only ate half his chicken...and since we were already late, and I was tired of the fighting with him, we just left. The whole way to church we talked about his horrible attitude. He'd ask for gum and I said no...then I'd ask him if he wanted to know why, and he said no. This went on about tic tacs and watching the movie in the truck. But he didn't want to know why I was saying no.

On the way home, I asked him if he was hungry and he said no....and I reminded him that if he was, he'd be eating his dinner. Normally after Awana he's starving...but tonite, he meant it when he said no. I then told him it would be his lunch tomorrow and when he balked at me I suggest it be his breakfast if he wanted to give me attitude. He agreed to lunch.

Then as we're heading home this actual conversation happened:

DJ: Mum, guess what?
Me: what?
DJ: I love you
Me: I love you too!
Me: You can be such a sweet kid sometimes
DJ: But not every time
Me: Yeah, why is that?
DJ: I just really didn't want to eat my dinner! Can I have some gum
Me: no. Do you know why?
DJ: yeah, cuz of my attitude

I could only laugh!

Then we're a street away and I see an animal in the road and thought it was a bunny, but as we got closer it was a cat....and I'm dialoguing as we go, and DJ pipes up and says "its not a bunny...he doesn't come til next month!!" Alrighty then!!

We got home and sure enough he didn't want to eat and went straight to bed...after showing Howie his new magnifying glass he earned in class. What a kid!!

Meanwhile...Miss Samantha is picking up the English language quite well...yesterday as I was hustling them out the door, she didn't like me hurrying her and actually said to me "You've got a bad attitude Mummy"  What can I say back to that?? lol

Once DJ was in bed, Howie and I watched the second half of AI...he forgot it was on, and he went to bed half way thru that. I finished watching it and when I saw the recap, wished we'd recorded the whole thing!! Lauren rocked it! Scotty needs to stop doing that head sway thing. I see a few that will not make it far in this! The dude who sings like Rod Stewart....yeah, he's gone!  After that I watched Survivor...YAY Russell is GONZO!!!!!!!!!!!!  So happy not to put up with his pretentious ways!!!! They were right to vote him out early! The fact that he cried when he realized he lost, pathetic!!! Then in his parting speech he declared he'll never be back....yeah, we'll see about that!  Off the Map was once again good!!!! Had me riveted watching it! Great show!

Til next time...God bless!

P.S...116 years ago today, my Nanny (dad's dad) was born....she lived to almost 101...but every March 9th, I think of her!!! :)

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