Saturday, March 5, 2011

I didn't mean to go

A little crazy...honest!! But ohmygoodness I scored some good deals!!!!

This morning I looked forward to all week!!!!!! Its been a rather busy week (especially compared to being snowed in last week!!! Was that really only last week!?!?!) and today was no different!! But I go to sleep in til 9 while Howie dealt with the kids before getting ready for work. LOVE that!!!

I got up and went to make us breakfast...the kids were still eating theirs, but were done when we sat down to eat. After Howie left for work, I got busy making up the grocery list for today's adventures! DJ went next door to see if K and C could come over to play...and they did! They all played that!!! They got called home for lunch and I got busy making ours.

About 2 I started the whole "let's get out the door" efforts...DJ was being especially obstinate...he didn't want to go with me...and quite frankly, I didn't want him with me with that attitude! So I called next door to see if he could stay behind...and sure enough he could...the boy moved fast then!!!  SamSam was a bit upset, but we packed up a couple juice packs and some grapes and she was placated. So off we went!!! First stop was DJ's school to get some gift cards. You see, they have this tuition assistance program where you buy loaded gift cards from the school, and the company you're buying from donates up to 5% back to that child's tuition costs....oh, I'm ALL over that!!!! Especially now that Freddy's has gas!!!!! I figure it can make a difference of 30.00 a month...more if I explain it right to family members who would want to buy them too!!

After the school we went to the post office, the co-op, and the fairgrounds....there is a HUGE consignment sale happening this weekend...and I had a free admission coupon....and only one child to I thought I'd check it out. 125.00 later I was stocked!!! I got birthday items for both kids (clothes), Christmas items for Sam to grow into, and birthday items for a party the kids just got invited to! Plus a few "now" items for each one. 16 of my 26 items were brand new with the tags on!!! Those 16 items alone, at new price would have been I think I did pretty darn good!!!  *pats herself on the back*

After that we headed to Freddy's to do the shopping!! My most exciting find was sugar free hard candies (cookies and cream baskin robins flavoured) and some sugar free chocolate!! SO awesome!!! Sam did really good too...she did ask to go into PlayLand...but I want to keep her healthy, and since it was just her, she stayed with me. Got outta there and headed homeward. Stopped at the shed first, wasn't much for us as it was a bread day, and since we're not doing bread, didn't need much!

We got home just as I was being texted to see if DJ could stay for dinner...and I said sure...but he came out to see if he could...which just upset Sam. She'd been missing him while we were out. And then to learn he wasn't coming in for dinner just broke her I sent her over to see if she could join them. Poor thing got sent back (they were doing a birthday party for the oldest boy) and she bawled the whole way home upset with Michaela...kinda made me chuckle. So we went in and sat together to calm her down before I could finish unloading. Once I got everything in and all the cold stuff put away, I got her dinner and then mine. Leftovers it was!!

Bed time was a wee bit late...and Howie came home right in the middle of teeth brushing. So he helped me tuck 'em both in...DJ was so tired, he was 80% asleep when I tucked him in after tucking SamSam in. Love when he's already asleep on me!!! No games that way! I got Howie his dinner and then got the kitchen cleaned up, coffee ready and then finally sat down! He went to bed shortly after and I watched some stuff in dvr and knit a bit. Good nite for me!!

Til next time...God bless!

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