Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You think I would have learned

My lesson by now!! I mean really!! How blond am I???

This morning the kids were up super early!!! Not sure why, but man was it early!!! In any case, by 9 am, I was so ready for a nap!!! lol Plus it really sux not having a computer in the house during the day! Howie obviously took his laptop to work, but that left me with just my phone. At least I had that!!

After lunch we took our time getting ready to head out to the shed...today was book run day, and I needed to sort thru everything and put the new books up on the shelves...and get rid of all the cd's in the trailer as we got a bunch of new movies in (VHS or I'd be all over that!) In the mean time the kids watched Despicable Me on the dvd player in the truck, Apparently, and hour and a half is too long for the truck to be using up the battery.

Yep, you guessed it...dead battery!! Of course, it didn't help that I had the trunk door open for the most part which had all the interior lights on. You think I'd know not to do this!!!! *shakes head* but I did it anyways! So by the time I'm ready to head out, I can't go! Howie was just getting ready to leave work, so it would be well over an hour before he got to me...so I brainstormed. Then the light bulb went off! The driveway I was parked in belongs to a family that's with the gleaners...so I called her and she was a minute away from me and had cables!! Got it juiced up and I was running again!

Then we headed into town to do bank deposits...Sam was sleeping, but when we got to the first bank I rolled her window down and the fresh air woke her up. She didn't want her lollipop tho...so I kept it up front despite DJ's best efforts to beg me for it. Then we headed to Sultan to drop off a prize for my latest Avon drawing at the salon I deal with. The lady who won it is part owner of a pizza place in Sultan, Sahara Pizza, and she was more than happy to put out books for me!! YAY!!!!!! And she was happy to now have an Avon lady!! Hopefully I'll hear from her soon!

I'd called this afternoon about the computer and was told it would only take an  hour which would have been perfect timing for me if I hadn't been stranded for 20 minutes. So Howie picked it up on the way home...the new and the old! Seems the old one had bad software, so they fixed it and the cd drive works again! As soon as he got in and got changed he got working on getting it up and running.

Man, is it ever sleek too!!! All black and looks SO modern! I love how extremely fast it is and as I'm typing, the words are popping up on the screen immediately rather than a sentence at a time! That got old fast!  LOVE the new computer!!!!! Just gotta learn Windows 7 now!

After dinner I bathed the kids and we put them to bed. Finally I got to sit for a bit!!! Howie went to bed before waiting for the blueberry ice cream to thaw a bit...that freezer downstairs is awesome!!! A little too awesome sometimes! I watched the "Women Tell All" on the Bachelor tonite...Other than ganging up on Michelle, it was good! I love Brad's face when he talks about his "significant other"...tells me he did good! Which hopefully means, he picked Emily...but my track record for picking these things is way off...so that means he'll have picked Chantal...lol  Wasn't much else on, so I watched an episode of The Mentalist and called it good!

Til next time...God bless!

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