Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pity Party of One

Its my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, you would cry too if it happened to you!!!

I knew last nite that no one was planning to attend the pedi party...cuz apparently, no one reads the bi-weekly emails I slave over covering the current Avon brochure. They literally take me a couple hours to write them out...and I'd mentioned the pedi party in the last two emails. So instead of a pedi party, I had myself a little pity party!

Howie left before I got up for the day and went to see if he could fix his dad and Ellen's (dad's and Ellen's? which way is right here?) bbq as it wasn't working and Howie is kind of handy to have around! The kids were happy with sippy cups but not fed yet, so I got up and came out to do that. The sun was sorta shining, or making an attempt to shine brighter so that made DJ want to go outside and see if the neighbours could play...but being that it was before 10, I said no. I got busy putting dishes away and reloading it, and getting it well as keeping on with the laundry!!! Oh and made some more jello and a vanilla pudding for dessert. By then it was after 11 and I told the kids they could go outside and play....just as Howie was coming in from Everett. He ate and read the paper while I stripped the bed and got the sheets washed. What a novelty it is to wash them by choice rather than cat pee necessity!

I then checked on the goings on outside....the kids playing, and Howie raking the yard after all our windstorm debris strewn everywhere. I then noticed a little white dog running around our yard chasing after Snickers, who wanted NOTHING to do with this dog! So I go out there to find out what's going on...and Howie thought it belonged to the house across the street, so off we went to see, and nope, he didn't belong there (discovered it was a he when he peed) so we headed up the street to other homes to see if they owned him or knew where he belonged...nothing! And the one guy who knows everyone (and their dogs) wasn't I went back home to put Snickers in the house and to make lunch for the kids. They finally got their first picnic of the year and ate out on the deck. I then leashed up the Shihtzu and headed off to find his home/owner.

At the end of our street we went left...the first driveway I attempted to go down had two big dogs come barking at the fence, so we turned around....then I skipped the second drive as I got a "vibe" from the house...and the third drive we walked down, knocked on the door and a lil old lady came out. She looked about 75, maybe older, she's a smoker and she was on the phone. She got off and I asked if she knew the dog. She did know the dog, but when I told her it was a "he" she recanted, the dog she knew was not a he. So she called her neighbour (the vibey house) and he came up right away. He knew Charlie right off the bat! Explained to me where he lived and offered to take him home as he was "on his way there now" so he unleashed him and I said good bye. That was that!

Came home, helped the kids finish up their lunch and made one for myself. Then with everyone outside, I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet and took a nap!!! Who knew!!! The bed was a wee bit uncomfortable since there was no sheets on it, and I wasn't smart enough to grab a blanket from the get go, didn't really even think I'd fall asleep! Half way thru tho, I did grab one and heard the kids playing of them tried to come up and I heard Howie explain that I was napping, so they HAD to play downstairs. SWEET!!!

I woke up about 4 and realized I needed to run into town for something I forgot at Freddy's when I was there yesterday...and the deal was too good to pass up on! So I got up, and headed out! By myself even!!The kid were still playing outside! Man are they gonna sleep well tonite! I didn't have any other things to do in town, so I did my shopping and headed home. Stopped at the shed and did some shopping, good haul today too! DJ was more than pleased with the sandwiches I got him. When I got home Howie was in full dinner mode. I'd called him on to ask him to put a squash in the oven to bake, and when I got home I took it out...discovered he'd baked one sweet potato instead. He said he couldn't tell the difference til I pointed out the squash has a label on it that SAYS MEN! We enjoyed it anyways!

After dinner we tag teamed the bathing thing again...SO much quicker!!! Both done in a half hour instead of me struggling for 90 minutes! And this way, they were in bed by 8:15!! Nice! And they both instantly fell asleep too!!! I knew that fresh air would knock them out!! Then we sat and watched another episode of Dexter...I'm getting used to the characters now...still trying to sort the storyline out. Then Howie went to bed and I finished up season one of Hot in Cleveland...and I can't get season two unless I upgrade netflix to include discs too!! :(  I'm still thinking on it....and I wanna know more about Zune on xbox.

I also started knitting the cowl sweater again...only this time with the yarn I intended to knit with from the start...yay me! I'm posting pix as I go whenever I work on it...should be interesting. I also watched the season finale of Fairly Legal...great show!! And now, here we are...I'm about to go get comfy in my clean sheets!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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