Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm not sure where the day went

But it sure went fast!!!!!!

This morning DJ was first up, as usual...and of course starving (his words) but was okay with what I suggested for him to snack on. Samantha took a little longer waking up, which is REALLY good for her to wake on her own. She has a much better day than when DJ wakes her up. She came running in to me needing to pee, so off to my bathroom we went. Still had a wet diaper she's still peeing thru the nite. And really, other than  yesterday's attempt to pee like a boy, she's done FABULOUSLY!!

After breakfast we all snuggled on the couch for a brief time as I knew how busy our day was going to get. I think we all needed this little snuggle time...and DJ appreciated it! I then got up and started lunch, much to DJ's delight as he'd just said he was hungry. Sam chose an egg mcmuffin, and ate the whole thing!!! With fake pepper and salt even!! She sees me doing it to mine and wants it for hers, so cute!!

Then we loaded up for our adventure! First stop was one of the pizza joints we rescue food from, then the salon I deal with, then the other pizza joint I rescue from (they had 23 pizzas!!!!!!!) then the bank, then the school where I take the books to, and thankfully they're catching on to helping me out! I think I carried in 3 boxes of the 13! And they fully enjoyed the 8 pizzas I gave to the teen room. Next stop was the post office and finally the library, for which the kids were THRILLED!!!!! I had an appt to be somewhere for 3, so we had a little over an hour to kill at the library. DJ and Sam were beyond excited to sit and play with the computers. DJ more so! SamSam, she kept getting books she wanted, had me read them to her, and put them in our bag for check out. She picked out all 8 books today, and DJ could have cared less! 

We then had a snack in the truck and headed to costco to meet up with a client. The monsoon rain hit!! HOLY COWS!!!!! I'd heard about it from other local facebookers, but we had sun at the time, so I scoffed at them! HA! Joke was on me!! We got trapped in costco as it just down poured!!!! When it finally let up a bit, we ran to the truck and then headed for the shed to drop off the pizzas we weren't keeping.

We got home mere minutes before Howie did, Sam was still getting her boots off when he came in. I quickly dealt with the dishes, and got ready to head out to and Avon meeting. I think I'm meeting-free now for the next two weeks! Howie'll be happy to read that! lol

After a great meeting where I scored some good stuff, I went next door to price compare a printer I'd seen at costco...and believe it or not, costco won! So looks like I'll finally have a working printer this weekend! SO excited for this! Then I went to Freddy's for more salad fixings and some squash.

I was home in time to put the kids to bed, which DJ thought was later than normal cuz he got to "stay up" and wait for It made him happy! Once they were in bed, I sat down with Howie and watched tv. He was mindlessly watching Dirty Jobs, which is a great show, and reminded me that Glee was on, so we watched it instead! LOVED both the original songs that they sang! HATED the boy/boy kiss! *sigh*  Then I introduced Howie to Hope...its gotta be one of the stupidest shows on right now, but it just cracks me up!!!!!!!! Cloris Leachman is just amazing!!! And even Howie was in fits of laughter at one point! He agrees, it is the stupidest show, but funny!!

Then he went to bed and I watched the Nanny Diaries from the dvr...yes, Fiona, I checked Netflix and it wasn't on there...would have preferred that over skipping commercials! The movie itself was telling!!! And probably a sad version of the truth of some parents who have nannies. It did have me in tears at the end tho. Who the heck names their kid Grayer!?!?! *smh*

Til next time...God bless!

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