Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today I accomplished what I set out to do

This time last year!! Which was over 10,100 in sales with Avon...and I did it!!!!! I am now in what's called the President's Club. Which doesn't mean much to people outside of Avon, but for those means an American number to call with English-as-a-first-language people to talk to!!! Plus, I'll have the steady earnings rate for a year!! And I'll get a Mrs. Albee (first ever rep) statue for my success...and also an invitation to the gala they hold once a year! I hear its in June...but already warned them I have a date with Tim McGraw on the 18th, so not to schedule it then...ha! Other than that, its status quo...keep on doing what I've been doing!!! And do it better!

This morning I had the unexpected pleasure of sleeping in til 9:30 since Howie was home sick...I don't even recall the kids waking up!!!!! Could be that he was already out in the living room with the tv on and the kids didn't even bother with me...or maybe DJ was in my bed...I really have no clue! What a nice treat to sleep in on a weekday like that! Sorry it had to be at the expense of a sick hubby tho! As soon as I got up, he went back to bed to sleep for a while.

Took me a bit to wake up and shake the cobwebs off...but once I'd eaten I got to work on Avoning...making the last of my phone calls...and gathering the last of my orders. The kids tried to go next door, but no one was home (just like I said...) so they came back and were busy playing. As soon as my order was done, I checked in on Howie and was surprised to see him after discussing with him, it was decided to leave the kids here while I ran out and did the pizza run for the shed and drop off the books. While out I did a couple other errands too. And we now have a new fully functional printer!!!! I got a pretty good deal as I've been watching the ads for about 6 months now....I found one at costco, but of course by the time I'd done my research and decided it was a good deal, they had none! URGH! So back to the ads I went...and then I got an email from Staples with an additional 25.00 off an HP Officejet printer....with wireless capabilities even!!! Regular price was 149.99 and I got for 74.99...not too shabby!!! I didn't get my Avon discount after that tho, but that's okay...I'm happy!

I got home shortly after 2 and was starving!!! Howie wasn't hungry and went back to bed, so I made myself a salad and ate while the kids were bouncing around. They'd had a cupcake after their lunch! :) They tried again to go next door, but were told "not today" and so they came back home to play. I unloaded the printer to get it ready for installation, and to check it out...but waited on Howie before doing anything more. It doesn't fit under the counter like the old one did, so I had to clear a spot for it on the counter behind my monitor....looks good there! I'm sure Howie hates it up there, but I have no other choice really.

About 4 I sat down with the kids to pick a movie for them...boy were they antsy! And starting to get buggy with each other! About 4:45 there was a knock at the door and DJ was asked if he could go outside and off he went! Sam said she didn't want she stayed with me and pretended to tuck me in on the couch. She's so gentle!! She'll make a great mom one day!! I've seen her scold too...quite cute! About then Howie came out for a change in can really only spend so many hours laying in bed!

He then got started setting up the printer...and simultaneously bbq'ing dinner. I finally remembered early enough to put sweet potatoes in the oven to bake for dinner...found out, wax paper is NOT a good alternative to parchment paper under them...oh what a stink that was!!!! Lesson learned!! Thankfully dinner was just fine and tasted delicious! Kids did well again! Love the easy dinner nites!

There was no time for baths tonite, so instead they tidied up their mess in the living room and got pajama'ed and ready for bed. And they went down really easily and quickly! I then hopped in the shower after tending to the kitty litter. When I got out Howie was back in bed. So I came out and watched tv. First up was a show I'd dvr'd a while back called Extreme Couponing...its on TLC...and follows people who's lives are run by coupons! Makes me look like a lightweight in comparison! I was astounded at what they could do with coupons! But here's the thing....they stockpile crap they don't need or will never be able to use up in their what's the point? Just because a coupon says its free, doesn't mean you need 1100 of them!!!! Yes, I kid you not!!! The one bill was 5,743.00 and he paid 241.00 after coupons!! But seriously....who needs 300 toothbrushes, 60 bottles of hand soap, 1100 boxes of ONE kind of cereal, 80 deodorants and so on...its crazy!! Granted, he does donate a lot to his church, but still has a stockpile worth 75k! I can't fathom this kind of nonsense!! The one lady who's been doing it for 34 years has the right idea...get what you need, not what you need to stockpile! Her bill went from 698 to 6.32....insane!!!! Around here tho, they don't double coupons...and you can't stack them! The computers know when you use a coupon!! Why aren't they all like that??

Just crazyness!!!

Next up was The Good Wife...which is always good!! Then a rerun of The Nanny and here we are! Ready to call it a day and hit the hay!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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