Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've said it before...

And I'll say it again....I'm so very glad I only have 2.5 children!!! And I see the irony now that I'm older...I used to want 6 kids! HA!!!  Yeah, glad I had that tubal procedure after Samantha!

This morning DJ didn't get up til after 7:30, which in his world is sleeping in...and Sam was soon to follow, which is early for her...but together they did great! They both came to snuggle with me shortly after 8, and from there we got up and got the day going! Breakfast was a mix match...DJ was specific...toast with peanut butter, strawberries and juice! Not too bad a breakfast!! Sam wanted the old stand by, cereal. And since I'm tired of eggs, I had a toasted english muffin with peanut butter, some strawberries and water. Such a treat peanut butter is!

The rain was still coming down, so the kids knew they couldn't go outside to play, and today's a school day for next door, so they weren't home, which made for an antsy DJ. About 11:30 I got a call from the propane people...seems the message I left them yesterday after hours was cut much so, that all she had was my name! I checked the tanks yesterday and was shocked to see how low we were, so I called to get on the list for a fill up...and knew that today was a Monroe day for them. But she called too late for me to get in on that we have to wait til Monday...should be interesting. Thankfully its starting to warm up and the heat isn't running as often.

Then I called the pizza places as today is pizza day...and only one place had pizza for me, so I got my contacts in and got the kids to get ready. Well from the very first second I put the contacts in I knew they were winners!!!! I couldn't feel them at all! FINALLY!!!!! I think with the first few blinks my eyes were audibly thanking me!!! 2 and a half years is WAY too long with one pair of contacts! And I noticed I didn't have the usual hour long adjustment to having them that's awesome!! I put the old ones away, to keep on standby, you know, just in case...better to be safe than sorry!

Off we went into town....16 pizzas were picked up, and then we went to the school where I dropped off 10 of them, and the books I had in the back of the truck from last week. I love how excited everyone gets now! I took in one box, the rest were taken care of by others happy to get them! Pizzas too...I blinked and they were gone! Love it!!! I kept one, ham and pineapple, for the kids for lunch...they were anxious for it! We then headed home, with a stop at the shed to drop of the rest of them. Once home I got lunch going immediately. They ate while I made my lunch. Once DJ was done he asked to go next door, and I said sure, but to ask the boys to come over to play here. He liked that idea and took off....and came back minutes later with K and C in tow. I like this trading off stuff, it works well! I also like how well the 4 of them play well together...rarely do I have to play referee.

While they were all busy playing, I worked on the computer....trying to get iTunes up and running on this new fangled computer. Took me a bit too! Then I downloaded all the videos from my flip....if I could find where I put them....I just spent a frustrating 15 minutes trying to find it! GRRRRRRR I'll work on that tomorrow. OY iTunes was just as frustrating to figure out....I did finally get it up and running tho, so mission accomplished! And boy the new updated version is smooth!!!!! Even has radio on it, and my radio station even!!!

About 4 K and C wanted to go home, so I said sure. My two wanted to go with, so I said sure...well wouldn't ya know it, both of them fall in the wet out there and need to come home and change...DJ went back over, and Sam just stayed in with me and danced to some music with me. She also sat in the doorway of the sliding door watching the rain asking when "JJ" was coming home. It was darling how forlorn she looked!

Howie got home after making a stop at costco...the tv downstairs needed a "toy" to make sound happen, so he stopped to get it on his way home from work...saves me a trip! Of course he got started working on it right! DJ came home shortly after 5:30 and we were just getting dinner started. It was bbq chicken and leftover veggies from the past couple nites....worked for me, I just needed to reheat! So while I had the easy end of dinner prep, I worked on the song list in my shuffle....which as of right this second is wiped clean...stupid iTunes...well, could be user error...but I'm not ready to admit that yet!

After dinner Howie went back to connecting everything up downstairs, and then sent the kids up to get me to come down to see it all. It now has sound, and the playstation is hooked up to it. Perfect!!! And at that point it was time to get the kids in bed!! YES!!!! DJ took an impromptu nap before time out...guess he was tired. But they both fell asleep easily and quickly! I then went and grabbed a shower after doing the kitty sense doing it after I'm all clean! 

Howie was watching DWTS results show...WHY are they so long!!!?!?!?!? Honestly, it shouldn't be more than a half hour to get to the final result! In any case, not at all surprised that Mike the DJ was voted off...I was surprised Wendy wasn't first, but she won't be too far off. Howie went to bed right after it was announced as it was late for him. I watched the Good Wife, and Parenthood. SO glad to have them both back in the lineup!! I also recorded Chelsea Lately, a talk show on one of those cable channels...Blake Shelton was on tonite, so I wanted to watch it. He barely got a word in edgewise she was so busy was funny tho!!!

I got the sleeves divided on the sweater I'm making...boy that yoke is a chore!!! Its easy to forget where you're at in the round when there's so many stitches! And I did go over by one row, but I was NOT about to unknit it! 2 stitches won't make that much of a difference!!! Now the body work...on the previous one I started, I'd get an inch or so done a nite....mindless knitting, but still quite a few stitches on the needle. I need more yarn tho, and won't be near a Micheal's til next week!! So a break will be in order!

Til next time...God bless!

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