Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two outta three

Ain't Meatloaf sings it!!

'Course he wasn't talking about sickos in the house!!

This morning DJ woke up at 6 and didn't want to go back to bed...and he knew to wake daddy up (daddy said so before tucking him in) so Howie got up with him and I got 3 more hours of sleep! Sam came in once, but startled me more than anything. I was having one of those freaky dreams that you can't make sense out of and the minute you wake up its gone out of  your weird! And random!

I got up and made a lovely omelet for us before Howie went to work. He was gone just before 10 and the Avon showed up shortly after 10. For the next 3 hours I was dealing with Avon stuff. Not sure how it took so long, but dang!!! Those 3 hours flew by! Of course there were many trips to the bathroom for Samantha. And DJ got to go next door for an hour before they went into town. I did get a lot done and even got samples of bubble bath made up AND labeled with my new label maker! I love this thing!!!! I finally figured out the margin thing too! Good to go!

After lunch we started moving towards the door...and somehow it was 2:45 when we left the house...again, not sure how it took us SO long to get out the door!! One of the stops we made along the way was to sign DJ up for school! I handed in the registration and paid the fee and WOW, he's going to school in September!!! Totally unreal! The secretary even knew who he was and that kinda freaked him out as he's on stranger danger alert all the time.

After the school we headed to Everett to do two deliveries and then back to Monroe. We got our tax refund today, so I treated the kids to dinner at Red Robin. They promised to be on their absolute best behaviour...and they did okay really. The service was lousy!!!! LOUSY!!!! We got our table, dumped our coats and headed to the bathroom...DJ really needed to go, and so did I...but Sam said she was fine (in hindsight I should have made her go) and back to the table we went. I ordered for us and we waited. The kids doodled on their menus with the crayons provided and then Sam pipes up "I need to pee" so off we all trek to the bathroom for trip number 2. We arrive back at our table and within seconds the food arrives. I touch my broccoli and it's cold...not steamed! So I say something and apologies are made. Someone else brings me my steamed broccoli and I ask for Ranch dressing for the kids chicken strips. Someone else brings that and only brings one cup full...I have TWO kids eating the same thing. *smh* So we eat...half way thru the meal, thanks to the pop DJ's consumed, he needs to pee this time I let him go alone (I can see the bathroom from where we are seated) and he did a great job!!! He was so proud to go by himself too! Wonder if he close the stall door...or if anyone looked at him weird for being in a ladies bathroom. lol I finish my meal and decide to order a side salad, meanwhile, she's already brought me the bill. It comes, but I have no fork as she already cleared it away. OY! I ask for one and eat my salad. Sam's doing fantastic eating, and so is DJ really!!! As I'm eating my salad DJ starts dancing cuz  he needs to poop. (Did I really pick the wrong time for dinner or what!?!?) I told him to hold it til we were done...but he looks at me and says "I'm gonna poop my pants!!" So, off we all trek to the bathroom..this is trip #3 for me, and #4 for DJ!!! I get back to the table and they've cleared EVERYTHING off!!! WTH!?!? So stupid! I pay the bill, coat the kids and leave.

The kids did get a balloon on the way out, and they were happy, but I was still miffed. We get in the truck and head for home. The route I took had us going past Ben Franklin...and bestill my heart, DJ asks "Can we go in there???" Who am I to DENY my child the craft store!?!?!!? hahahaha  We had a good walk around...and one trip to the bathroom (I'm really NOT liking this!) and I got to start chatting up the "if you get lost" stuff with Samantha. And DJ was good at teaching her too!

We got outta there with minimal damage (to my wallet) and headed for the shed. I'd gotten a text about a specialty glean, so I checked it out. And THEN we headed for home!!! It was close to 8 when we got in the door...and since both kids napped in the truck during our travels, I wasn't rushing them off to bed. They took their time getting jammies on, and we brushed teeth and washed hands. It was only 8:30 when we got done and so the kids watched a program on tv. Just as it was ending, Howie came home and we tucked them into bed.

It wasn't til 9:30 that I finally got to sit in my chair and relax!! Told Howie about my day and chatted for a bit and then he put on BBT...and went to bed half way thru it. I enjoyed it! And then enjoyed Working Class....oh Melissa Peterman cracks me up!!! Then I watched a movie from my dvr...a Hallmark one and didn't cry!!! I did tear up, but wasn't bawling!!! To finish the nite off, I watched Blue Bloods and thoroughly enjoyed it!!! All the while, knitting the nite away!!

Til next time...God bless!

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