Thursday, March 17, 2011

I really wish my kids would learn

That all you have to do to wake Mummy up is turn on a light! Seriously. That's all it takes!!! I don't like having a puking child coming into my room at 6:45 to tell me she's puking. Yeah, that's how my morning started!!! I had DJ on the outside of me and couldn't wake him for the life of me to get him to move. So I scooted out past him and ran her to the bathroom, where she did nothing. And looked at me with sad puppy eyes asking if she could "leep with you?" So we crawled back in bed, with a bowl handy,

Wouldn't ya know it, that's when DJ wakes up...just as we're settling...and asks if he can go watch I said no, its still time to sleep. So he settles back down, but doesn't go to sleep. And Sam, she's making the most of every single cough needing the bowl.

Such a pleasant way to wake up!!!!

In fact, I was ready for a nap at 9 am!!! You think I'm kidding you?? ha!

I do however think I have Sam figured out....see, she's got a stuffy/runny nose thing going, so its draining into her stomach while she's sleeping, or at the very least, resting in her throat and she wakes up choking on it. So she's not actually sick sick, she's just clearing her airways. But then she plays on every cough thinking she's going to puke...and its more of a "hah" cough, or she'll stick her tongue into the bowl and call it good, lay back down and whimper. Truly Oscar worthy!!!!

Thankfully we had no where we needed to bed today....I did want to bathe the kids after lunch, but they weren't interested in that and wanted to go play...but no one was home next door. So instead they came back in and I put on a movie for them while I went and had a shower. When I got out, the boys next door were outside, so my two joined them and I dressed in peace!

Then I started on dinner prep since it was an Awana nite and we needed to eat early. I had the bbq ready to go when Howie got home so he started cooking pretty much as soon as he changed...or did he change, I can't remember now. lol It was fast, I know that!

DJ and I left just after 5:45 and the plan was to drive thru the bank first before heading to the on the way there we practiced his verses...he had two again this week since he was still catching up to the rest of the class for the times he was sick. He got a lollipop from the bank and enjoyed it the rest of the way to church.

Sent him off to his class and I went to my table to start checking kids in. Since I now know ALL the kids by sight and name, I'm starting to learn their parents names too...might as well!! How else am I gonna expand my customer count :D  I also took the leader test be certified with Awana....but I'll only ever want to be a secretary...I really enjoy my duties. I'll find out later this week if I passed it or not. Whew!

DJ was thrilled to finally be able to show me his prize from the treasure box...another whistle...yay...said with SO much sarcasm! This one he's giving to SamSam as he's still got the one from before. Lucky me! We stopped to get gas as I didn't have enough to get home and DJ said he didn't want to walk home. lol  Then we did prayers and the best parts of our day while driving. Then he asked me if he could nap on the rest of the way home, so I said sure. Now, this is usually a joke between us and we all fake snore...and he gives me trouble cuz I'm supposed to be driving, not sleeping! We're on the street before ours and he falls asleep!!!! I kid you not! What a rascal!!! Didn't take much to wake him up and get him in the house, but he must have been tired!!! Into jammies he went and off to bed he went!

Howie recorded Idol for me and watched the show he likes in he finished his episode while I got his lunch ready for tomorrow and then he went to bed.

AI was slow for me tonite!! Lots of issues all around! My faves of the nite, surprisingly, are James Turbin (the rocker dude), Stefano (the Seattle dude nailed it!!) and Lauren (she did a great Melissa Ethridge) the rest, were boring or way over the top! Casey, terrible!!!!!! Screamed his whole song!! And JLo needs glasses...he is SO not sexy!!!!! blech! Naima, I'm tired of her already...and she was the pitchiest of them all! Thia needs to step up her game!! Ok, my bottom three...Haley, Thia, and Paul

Survivor was awesome!!!!!!! I'm really digging this whole Redemption Island twist...and GO MATT!!!! Boston Rob has stepped up his game this time around and isn't relying solely on his charm!! 'Bout time too!

Off the Map was really good as usual too! Still makes me look away at certain gruesome things...and now I have no desire for Chinese food! LOL

Til next time...God bless!

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