Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't confuse poop for puke

This morning was busy!! So busy I didn't even bother going on the computer as I knew we needed to leave for a FULL day of Avoning!! I wanted to be gone from the house by 10...which is apparently impossible!! I felt like a chicken running around after its head was cut off! They really do that you know! What a mental picture!

DJ woke up fine and full of energy, and not so fevered...he was still warm around the hair line, but other than that, his normal self. He ate a plain english muffin and had juice in the truck. So off we went just about 11am...figured it would be best to go to my furthest distance first, so Mountlake Terrace is was! I had a new customer in the secretary, Kristi, at the hearing aid place I use. And she was more than happy to have me leave books on the table in the waiting room! :)

About noon the kids were hungry, so I gave them their lunch...pizza and grapes. DJ and Sam both pigged out on the grapes!!! They're really good and crunchy!!! Back on the road we go delivering and dropping off books. I realized along the way that I'd forgotten to pack up salad dressing for my lunch...and since it's a Monday, not too many people were home...but I knew one would be and messaged to ask if she had dressing. It was about this time the DJ said he needed to poop...so I told him we'd be able to go at my g/f's house (the one with the dressing) in two more stops. He even asked if we could go in another's house where we were, but they weren't home.

We pull in to Laura's driveway, and he tells me again he needs to poop...so I told him to wait another minute while I ask if he can use her bathroom...which was fine, so in we all go. We're in the kitchen gettin the low down on the dogs out back and DJ is clinging to me saying he needs to go...so I show him where the bathroom and he didn't quite get all the PUKE in the toilet....yeah, he said puke all along!!! I felt like a horrible mother at that point!! And this was just a nasty NASTY smelling one too! Took all my willpower not to add to his mess while cleaning it up!! Just as we're leaving Samantha decides she needs to poop...thankfully, she meant poop!

We kept on going, but DJ fully understood he wasn't getting anything more to eat...or drink or that matter!! We also made a pit stop at Joann's to fuel my newest obsession...these magnets! My first one turned out beautifully!!! So I needed more inspiration and found it in the scrapbooking section!! We also made a trip to the bathroom while there! Better to be safe than sorry! Plus I could smell a bit of that lovely bile scent on DJ, so I had him wash his hands good, and that must have been it, as we were golden after that!  Sam fell asleep shortly after 3 and slept for an hour or so while we were driving around!

We got home shortly after 5 and Howie was already home...with the exciting news that THE cheque we'd been waiting a year for, was finally in the mailbox!!! Whew!!!! Finally getting some monkeys off our backs!! Can't wait! Not to mention, new tires all around!! We so desperately need them too!! No more being trapped at home in snow!

After dinner I bathed both kids and then grabbed a shower myself while Howie tucked the kids in bed. They were both waiting up for me to do the final tuck in too!! Such sweethearts!! Oh, DJ's newest phrase is "you scared the puddle outta me" whenever you "scare" him...makes me laugh every time!!  When I sat down finally we watched HIMYM...it was good, as usual!! Then Howie went to bed and I put Brad and his ladies on. Getting down to the wire now!! It doesn't surprise me one bit that Ashley was let go tonite...I do applaud him for letting her down gently and privately! But it just wasn't there!! And the fact that he told Emily he was falling in love with her kinda shocked me..and then at the rose ceremony, he called Chantal "baby" when he handed her the rose. I really have NO clue who he's gonna pick!! But  I do hope he picks Emily as she doesn't seem easily swayed by attention she's sure to get when this is said and done! Routines are RULE for moms!!

Til next time...God bless!

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