Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yes, the saying goes:

You can't teach and old dog new tricks....but how does it work for old cats!??!

This morning I got to sleep in til almost 10 and let me tell you, it was fabulous!!!! I did wake (and went pee) when DJ woke up shortly after 7, but did a pretty good job of fallin back to sleep no problem!! As soon as Howie knew I was up, he got back in the bed!! Guess he didn't like getting up with the kids this morning! lol Said he wanted an hour nap, so I let him have it!!

I let SamSam wake him up, and she did it oh so gently by tapping him on the forehead with her open hand and saying softly "daddy, oh daddy" and he didn't want to have anything to do with we let him be! He got up shortly after noon. I then had to wait for the dishwasher to get done before hopping in the shower. I'll admit, I didn't think that one thru!! lol

It was 2 by the time I got outta our driveway...sheesh!! Didn't leave me much play time in all that I had to do for Avon. But I did stop at Walmart (where else?!?!) for 3 (THREE) things...and walked outta there with 33!!!!!!! They had all their kid clothes on sale...and with DJ starting school in September, I picked him up a slew (slough?) of shirts just for that purpose!! 5 pocket tees at 3.00 a piece!!! How does a budget conscious mom pass that up!?!?! And 2 polo/golf shirts at 5.50 a of which, I know will be his picture day shirt!!!! ha! I even got SamSam 3 shirts...2 for her birthday and one for Christmas. Me?? I got me some stuff too!!! The obligatory WHITE tee, that may or may not be white by the end of summer...and 2 other tees, and two long sleeve shirts, a pair of pants, and two tees that I'm gonna Avon...yeah, it's a verb now!! lol

I did manage to get the 3 things I originally went in there for...and a few others. I was surprised to see that there was no South Beach products...mostly all Atkins....bummer! I over spent my time in there and that caused me to rush thru the rest of my route! And left me NO time for hitting up Joann's with the awesome coupons I had! :( win some, lose some!! At 5:30 I raced back to Monroe (ok, not raced exactly) so I could get to the co-op by the time it closed at 6...I made it with literally ONE minute to spare!!! And thankfully they filled my propane tank and sent me on my way. I also got some cat treats for those tricks I was talkin about.

You see, while I was gone, the kids were helping (said loosely) Howie install cat doors. One to our bathroom, and one to the laundry room...thereby eliminating the need for gates!! I'm tired of hopping over them!!! So once the kids were in bed, I got busy teaching the old cat a new trick!! She would go thru the door okay, but didn't like to initiate I now have it rigged to be open so she can go in and out freely....once they both get the hang of it, then I'll try it with the door closed and see how they do. No more kitty crunchies for Snickers!!!!! blech!

After the kids were down and the cats were taught, Howie left for a round trip to work....he's the clock changer and tonite is the time change nite!! So, I watched a Lifetime movie I'd recorded with Heather Locklear...and man, was it freaky!!!! Downright creepy!!! Good tho, but I had no clue how to predict the script! Guess that's a good thing really. I had just started watching Pure Country (I'd never seen it) when Howie got home, so he watched most of it with me and went to bed. I was a knitting fool tonite...and finally got the yoke done on the sweater I started!!! Thought it would never end!!!! Whew! Now comes the fun part!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. We put in a cat door so the cats could go in & outside at will. One of them took right to it, the other was a tad suspicious and took a day or 2 to decide it was safe. Now they thunder thru it in both directions at will. Mind you, they occasionally bring in some half dead wildlife to show daddy. Perils of living in the boonies, I guess.


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