Thursday, March 24, 2011

Signs of SPRING!!!!

First sign...SUNSHINE!!!!!!! Such glorious sunshine!!!!! Blinding SUNSHINE!!!!!!! Meanwhile, over in Ontario, they're getting yet another snowstorm...and I hear this one was pretty bad! It took my mom 2 hours to get to work this morning...and quite a long time gettin home too! The only snow I see, is in the mountains out my living room window!!! Saw a really cute anagram for Snow...Shit No One Wants!! haha

Because of said sunshine, my kids got dressed RIGHT after breakfast and headed outside to play in the lovely vitamin D!! The boys next door were also outside and it didn't take much convincing my two to go out there too! While they were out, I had the windows OPEN!!!! Airing winter out of the house!! And listening to the kids play outside!! They were all over the yards today!!!

Another sign...I even thought about letting the kids picnic outside at the picnic table for the first time this year...but the wind was breezy, so I decided against it. They both came in to eat and headed right back out...wolfed their meal down and GONE!! I'm lovin it!!! I kept on with the laundry and catching up on the dishes...and doing up my Avon books getting ready for the next campaign. Howie emailed me this morning that there were 5 people who wanted books at his work...YES!!!!!! Only took me getting to President's Club for him to help out! Just kidding

The neighbours went to Lake Tye for the afternoon to feed the ducks, and while DJ was invited (by Caleb) he wasn't invited lol That's a tough lesson for a 4 year old to learn! In any case, their absence made it easy for me to corral my two for a bath. They needed it too!! Not sure how they got dirty feet, but they did!! I even let them have play time together...something I don't normally do! But with it being the middle of the day and no rush to get to bed, I let them have it....til I started getting too splashed on! Then they were done!! I even braided SamSam's hair into two braids...oh she looked SO cute!!! She even said it was pretty! See...

Howie came home just as I was thawing dinner...and since it was an Awana nite, he got to cooking pretty much right away too! Another sign of spring....DJ got his first splinter for the year!!! The kids did good eating and DJ and I were on our way!! Got there with plenty of time and off he went to his class. I learned what I needed to finish up the test for Awana and passed it!! So now I'm certified and done with that! YAY me!!! Even got 4 books handed out too! I leave them on my table and if someone asks for one, I readily agree!! Its working well! :)

When we got home tonite I stepped out of the truck and heard the final sign Spring is DEFINITELY here...frogs croaking in the pond 2 houses away!!! Oh how I love that sound!!! When we used to live in the apartment building when I first moved out here, we were across the parking lot from a pond and the frogs were SO loud it was awesome! I'd sit some nites out there and just listen to them croaking away. Since moving away from there I haven't really heard them much, so tonite it brought back a lot of good memories!! And I got to share that with my son...he thought it was great and started "talking" back to them!

Once DJ was in bed, Howie turned Idol on and we watched some...then he went to bed and my neighbour came over to watch Survivor with me. It was nice to have company...and someone else who "knows" the show!! Then we chatted for an hour before she walked home. It was fun!! I then watched Off the Map and enjoyed it too! Nothing too crazy tonite...I didn't have to turn away! Next week looks scary tho!!

Til next time...God bless!


  1. I love the sounds of the frogs too. I grew up in the country in Nova Scotia and we went to sleep to the sounds of them every night in spring & summer. My Mother used to tell us that they were saying "peep peep, knee deep, too cold, can't sleep" so that was why they made noise all night. Dont worry kids, they were warm in daytime & slept then lol

  2. Ohhh frogs croaking! I miss country sounds. Instead, I hear the freeway.

    Was wondering what you thought of Survivor this year. I am really liking Redemption Island. Matt.... Wow! Loved that he got Krista's Bible.

  3. OMG - those pig tails are tooo cute! what a doll!


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