Saturday, March 19, 2011

What a LONG day!!!!!!

This morning Howie had to be in to work earlier than any given Friday, so my sleeping in thing was thwarted...well sorta. DJ got up his usual 7 something, but when Howie left for work, he told me DJ was sleeping on the couch. Unfortunately, that didn't last long....I swear, as soon as Howie pulled out of the driveway DJ was up and upset that he didn't get time with him before work.

Once Sam got up, I got up and we ate breakfast. The plan today was BUSY!!! First was a free Kindermusik class at the library...and we were it! No one else came, so my two thoroughly enjoyed everything. There's no structure to it at all, and that kind of bothered me a bit. Hard to get a kid interested in something if you're allowing them to flit around the room from one thing to another...never really settling on one thing. That's just my opinion....we'll go again I'm sure.

After that we went to the school to get SCRIP cards, but it was a P.D. Day for them and no one was there to buy one from. Kinda eerie how quiet the school is with no kids! So we headed to Freddy's instead...and as we're walking in, so was Sam's friend they went to play land together and DJ stuck with me. He was greedy and wanted a cookie...and then as soon as it was gone, he wanted to go in play land, but I said no and made him stick to his decision. Thankfully we were almost done and he stopped whining. He did get Sam to set the door alarm off by trying to get in play land thru the emerg door. Crazy kid!

We headed for home after and put everything away and had lunch. It was late, but part of that was that they wanted macaroni, so it takes longer. Oh well...they enjoyed it! That was tough making the real deal and not even having one bite of it! When we were done we headed back to for round two. Costco, and the dollar store and Albertsons were left. Hit the dollar store first and got a few party things for Sam's day...couldn't find cupcake toppers anywhere! Did get some cool drawer box things for the kids undies/sock drawers, now they're neatly separated! Need one more for each drawer tho...and may get a couple for myself even!

Costco wasn't bad, but I did earn "worst mother of the day" award....within minutes of getting there they both needed to pee, so off we go. The hallway we walk down is the staff locker hallway, and DJ had his hand out to try and touch every single one of them, as I'm scolding him and telling him to keep his arms in (there's people at their lockers) I round the corner to head into the bathroom and smash SamSam's hand against the locker. Oh the howl she let out was incredulous!!! And I don't blame her one bit!! Boy was she mad at me! No amount of hugging or apologizing was helping her any. OH I felt horrible!!!!!! We finished the shopping with a very whiny girl and a fidgety boy. Sound fun eh?

We got back in the truck and within minutes Sam was asleep...can't say as I blame her tho! She was traumatized! I wanted to nap with her!!!!! I was traumatized too!!!! On the way to Albertsons we passed a coffee stand, ok THE best coffee stand in Monroe...and I talked myself into a Chai Tea latte!!! An iced one even!!!! DJ got a milk steamer...vanilla flavoured....and he was happy!!! He said it was too warm and left it in the truck when we went into Albertsons....waking Sam was NOT fun!

After checking out I noticed a discrepancy on my bill and went to dispute it with Customer service...the gal asked Sam how she was and she held up her bum hand and said "I got broken finger" awwwwwww, and no! Its not broken, just smooshed...and a little black n blue already. Can't wait to see it tomorrow!

Got outta there and finally headed for home!!!!! By the time we got home, it was almost 7! I'd gotten a chicken from costco, but was in no mood to fix anything else to go with we had egg mcmuffins for dinner! With a banana and the kids got their cookie that they got from Albertsons. Done!

I finally got them in bed shortly after 9, and then tackled the kitchen...unload and reload the dishwasher and then work on making jello. I had none today, and I look forward to it! Then I started working on this "granola" recipe my mom gave me from her south beach book...and I boiled up some eggs to make devilled eggs for Sunday...and...and...and!! Howie came home, read the paper and took himself off to bed just as the granola was finishing up. Oh it smelled good!! Not sure how it tastes yet, I may have used too much oil on it as its not as crunchy as I like it. I only did a half batch tho, and I'm sure it'll get eaten!

It wasn't til after 11:30 that I FINALLY got to sit in my chair and put my feet up!! Sheesh!!!!!! I vegged watching Working Class and The Nanny reruns. Now, I'm gonna go have a chat with my pillow!!

Til next time...God bless!

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