Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Body Doctor

This morning I got to sleep in again....I'm really loving these Fridays!! It feels so decadent! When I got up the kids were fed, and Sam was just finishing....still in pj's and oh so cute and snuggly!! I chatted with them for a few minutes before getting breakfast for Howie and I. In my little chat with them, DJ asked what we were doing for the day...and I told him Avoning and a Dr appt for SamSam...and she did NOT like that at all!!! Til I explained it was the body doctor we were going to and she was going to listen to her heart, and check her belly and ears, eyes, mouth, and see how much she weighs and how tall she is. She calmed down a bit, but still made it known she didn't want to go.

After Howie and I ate I got the kids dressed and out the door...we were meeting up with my district manager to get her kit for displaying everything Avon for my pedi party tomorrow. And 10 am was the only time she had, that or 3 pm and that would have been pushing it time-wise for me. So we raced into town and got the kit (5 bags/boxes worth!!) and then came home. The kids chose to stay in the truck and watch Barney while I gathered my stuff and got our lunches ready. Worked for me!!! No tripping over children is a good thing!

I wanted to be out of here by 11 and it was 11:07 when we pulled out of the driveway....perfect! First stop was one of my reps to give her books, then DJ's school to get a gift card, then on to Lynnwood. We were making really good time too!! First client stop was an old friend that I guess I haven't seen in 3 years as she's never seen Samantha....I find that odd!!! But glad she ordered from me so we could catch up. The kids were slowly going on the wild side, so we got out of there as fast as possible...she's a piano teacher and I'm sure wouldn't take too kindly to my two just banging on the keys! 

Next stop was my boyfriend Michael...shhhh, don't tell he's got the colour of yarn I've been looking for everywhere!!! Found it and got outta there with very little damage..the Easter stuff was quite tempting for my two! Since we had loads of time left, I decided to eat my lunch in the parking lot there....well, til I realized I'd forgotten to pack myself a fork!! Kinda hard to eat salad with your fingers...or the spoon I found in the truck. That would have been interesting! Instead we headed to the hearing aid place that I leave books at and asked if they had a plastic fork and sure enough they did! YAY!

We still had a lot of time before Sam's 1:45 appt, so we headed over there anyway and I ate in their parking lot. The kids had already eaten their sandwiches long ago! About 1:30 DJ says he needs to poop (and he meant poop, not puke! I double checked!) and then Sam chimed in needing to off we went into the building. Up the elevator and into the waiting room. Note for next time: go straight to the washroom! Don't sign in, don't check in , just go to the bathroom! Sam didn't quite make it, she did good, and only had a bit of dribble in her panties, but if we'd gone straightaway, she'd have been dry! Bad Mummy!!!

It wasn't long til we were called in for our appt....first weight, she's 36lbs 4oz, and then height, she's 37.25 inches and then off to the room we went. I of course hopped on the scale as I'd done so 3 weeks ago when we were there last, and then DJ wanted on it too! Missed seeing how much he weighs as I was helping Sam get measured. Once in the room we chatted with the nurse, she's so awesome!, and she did Sam's blood pressure and let her listen to her cute! DJ got to listen to his too...can't leave him out!

Then we waited a good 20 minutes til the Dr came in....meanwhile the kids were bouncing off the walls!!! When she came in Sam shied up a bit, but did okay overall...and warmed up to her easily! Let her check her belly, girl area, ears, eyes, mouth and listened to her heart and tummy and back...then let Sam listen again to her heart (DJ too) and then asked all the developmental questions to see where she's at. Other than her S's and R's, she's doing great at vocab...her height is totally average, she won't be tall like DJ will be....and her weight is in the 85% percentile...not to be too concerned, but I'm hoping some of that baby weight will fall off once she starts playing outside more with the better weather. So overall, she's in great health!! And no needles!!! YAY!!!

I then made an appt for DJ for June and got his medical records for school and off we went to do more delivering. I think the whole appt took more out of Sam than I thought as she was asleep before I hit the freeway. I made a stop in Everett to deliver two orders and then headed for Monroe. DJ fell asleep about half way home, the sun was in his eyes and it just forced him to close them and he instantly fell asleep. I was tempted to pull over and take a nap myself! Since it was already 4, I decided not to! Instead we went and dropped off a book to a local client and then cuz the sun was shining so beautifully, I went to the park...thinking that would wake them up and be a good surprise!! Indeed it was and it worked!!

But we only got 10 mins of play time before big drops of rain started coming down! Spitting I can handle, but big soaking drops, no thanks! The park cleared fast too! We went to Freddy's to get some stuff for tomorrow's pedi party and also got a roast chicken for dinner. Then stopped at the salon I deal with to deliver an order and then finally home!!! Whew!! The kids played outside (it wasn't raining up here!) and I got the Avon sorted that I'd left from the morning and then got dinner under way.

After dinner DJ noticed that the neighbours were doing a fire in their pit and off he went! Sam chose to stay behind and eat her ice cream from last nite! lol And I didn't want her out there was dark enough. Then as I'm getting Sam in her pj's Howie came home from work...and DJ came in to ask if he could spend the nite next it was a chaotic 5 minutes! Off DJ went toothbrush in hand after getting his jammies on. Then I brushed Sam's teeth and got her in bed while Howie ate his dinner. Once she was in bed we watched another episode of still perplexes me! I can't figure him out yet!  As we're watching it we got interrupted by Sam at the end of the hall "there's a cat in my room and its on my bed!!!!" Such cuteness! Instead of opening the door and letting the cat out, she came out and shut the door! Silly girl! Then we were interrupted again by DJ coming home saying he wanted to sleep here! It was after 10 at that point. He went to bed right away and we went back to Dexter.

Once Dexter was over Howie went to bed and I watched some Hot in Cleveland episodes. That Betty White is just a talent!!! Her comedic timing is spot on!!! I'd say she's even funnier now than when she was on Golden Girls! Her character is far more knowledgeable than what Rose Nylund was!! Yes, I was a GG fan!!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a day! Glad the appointment went well. I can't believe you do all that you do. Love Betty White too. I agree she is spot on and much funnier. What an inspiration she is.



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