Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Am Number Five

Of six in my family!!!

Today was SOOO busy...and very expensive!!!

I did get to sleep in til was SO quiet in the house with the kids outside playing already. Kinda nice!! Howie was languishing, enjoying his coffee waiting for me to get up and make breakfast.  But we cheated on breaky this morning since it was so late, we did South Beach  breakfast bars instead. They're actually pretty tasty!

The kids came in once they knew I was up....but we were heading out the door about 11 heading to town to buy a new computer. We were gonna wait til tomorrow as I'd gotten an email from Staples with the newest ad that comes out tomorrow....and there was a pc on there that was worth waiting for...but then I had the genius to check what this week's ad had to say and there was an even better one for this week. So we headed in to see what was what. We got there and the price of the one we saw said 648...but the ad said 599, so Howie got someone to price check it and sure enough, it was 599! Here's the tricky part....then there's charges for data transfer, back up name it! Then Norton...and...and...and! I just kept sayin no, since I really want to keep it simple! I'm not a techie by any means!!!

All told it took over 2 hours to go from walking in to walking out! The kids started getting antsy after an hour and a half, so Howie took them out and I waited for the paperwork. We'd decided to clean tune up the old tower and put the old system downstairs for the kids to use. And eventually, for homework. DJ seems to think its just for him, but he'll be corrected soon enough! There's nothing wrong with it other than its slow and its 4 years old...which in computer years is 40!!!

It was almost 2 by the time we got home and got lunch going....I was beyond hungry then! Kids were too!!! Then I got busy wrapping gifts for a birthday party that DJ had been invited to at Alfy's. That started at 4, so we headed back into town for then and dropped him off. Kinda surreal to leave him at a party. Samantha was not pleased with his leaving!!!

The three of us then went to Lowes and walked around for the next hour and 45 mins...I had a list and we did good getting some home improvement things taken care of. Installation is the next step. We even got cat doors for the two doors that lead to both kitty litters...SO excited to finally get rid of gates and hopping over them! Sam enjoyed "driving" the race car cart...and pushing it too.

We got outta there and went across the street to get DJ from the party...his mouth was covered in icing! He sure was having fun too!! He got a lovely recorder and some gum as a parting gift...that noise maker fairy is itching!!! He enjoyed himself very much and chatted the whole way home. Once we got home, Howie and I took showers to get ready for date nite. Since he let me go to that Avon meeting on our anniversary, we made up for it tonite with dinner and a movie.

We finally got out of the house at 7:30 and headed for Canyons for dinner. We've eaten there with mom and dad a couple times, so we're familiar. I have to say, it was tough to "south beach" the menu!!! But I think we did a fantastic job!!! He got the steak, sauteed veggies and beans...skipping the taters and garlic bread. I got the ribs and beans with a side of broccoli instead of taters. And I got a side salad to start with. It was very delicious!!

Dinner was done at 8:20 and the movie didn't start til 9:30 so we headed across the street to Freddy's. He needed something for work, and I'd forgotten to get mouthwash when I did the shopping yesterday. We took our time walking around and looking at things since we had time to kill.

Got to the theater with 15 mins still to spare...but I had to pee so bad, and it was cold outside. We sat and people watched til it was time to go in. Have you heard of these new DBox seats....they move and vibrate throughout the movie. They're an extra 8 bucks a ticket...and even tho we were 10 rows behind them, we could still feel the vibrations. Not worth the extra $$!

We saw I Am Number Four...not at all what I was expecting...but still good. I think as I'm getting more mature in life I am realizing how light sensitive my eyes are. I don't like dark scene movies...and I don't like it when those dark scenes give way to broad daylight without warning. The fight scenes in this movie were more about light battles than anything and I couldn't watch them it hurt too bad. I wished on more than one occasion that I had my sunglasses with me. Other than that, if you like otherworldly type movies, I highly suggest it!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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