Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finally a healthy day!!!

For ALL of us!!!

The kids got up normal time...I don't think the time change really affected them at all...it has me!!!! Man I miss that hour!! And seriously, when are they just gonna stop all this nonsense!! For that reason, the morning was a little slow getting going.

But both kids ate great! In fact, DJ even asked for an egg mcmuffin...and it got me thinking, this is something I can prepare ahead of time and very filling for him for school days!! I didn't once hear "I'm hungry!!!!!!!!" after eating it. I could be onto something here! :)

The was shining and DJ was desperate to get out in it...so off he went (after helping me with laundry) to see if the boys next door could play...they could and the 3 of them had fun. Sam went out too, but was back in shortly after as she had to pee...and instead of coming in to undress...she did so on the front porch. Yeah, her little naked butt kinda surprised me!! But she'd also peed in them...and now the fun part starts. The "I'm having too much fun to pee" business.

Lunch was an ORDEAL!!!!!! It took DJ about an hour to eat his lunch, which was his dinner from last nite...hamburger patty, (and not a whole one) broccoli (his favourite) and I replaced the couscous with green beans (another fave) and it still took SO long!!!! Part of it was that I forced the issue of him needing to feed himself instead of having me help him. School will help with that right??

After lunch he went back out to play with the boys...Sam stayed with me and we snuggled on the couch for 30 seconds before she didn't want that. Then DJ and the boys came in and played downstairs. Then they all went back outside again to play...in and out and in and out! Just a preview of summer to come!

Howie got home as I was putting sweet potatoes in the oven to roast for dinner...so I spent some hello time with him and headed off to the shed to do the books. DJ was also in a very trying mood today, and I was in no mood to put up with his antics while trying to work on the books. So I waited til Howie got home and then in his words, bailed on him. The kids were outside tho, so it was good for a while for him. Til SamSam did the disappearing pants act on him too...only this time she told Howie WHY she'd done it...she wanted to pee outside like Caleb did. Oh I laughed!!!!!!!!!!!!! My poor girl in a world of boys!! So he explained that girls don't do that, and at dinner she explained it to me too! SO cute!!!

She's also getting VERY excited for her birthday coming up in 6 more sleeps!!! She wants princess AND Tinkerbell!! Hope she won't be too disappointed! It'll just be a low key family celebration, but she thanked me for inviting everyone! She did ask if Grandma was going to be there and her face fell when I said no...but Grandma better make damn sure to call her on Sunday!!! Got it Grandma!?!?!?

Once the kids were in bed, I went and took a shower...my face thoroughly enjoyed getting its cleansing tonite!!!! Must have had some cooties on it or something!! But it sure felt good!!! Howie went to bed as soon as I was done, so after fixin his lunch for tomorrow, I sat and watched Brad pick his bride.

All along I've wanted it to be Emily...I was in tears when he proposed to her finally!!!! Oh it was so sweet!!!!! The After the Final Rose show...that put a whole new spin on things!!! WOW!! But, good for Emily for taking time to figure it out. I sure hope they're able to put it all behind them and focus on them! It was good to see local Bachelor couple on there too!! And I'm glad Chantal has been able to move on and into a better place! All in all....good finale!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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