Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Yay for no puking children!!! Boo they didn't sleep in!! lol And I have to wait til Saturday for that too! This morning, DJ got himself cereal, with no milk, and had first breakfast done before I got to mine. So, for second breakfast, he had a yogurt and sat with me and SamSam. She and I enjoyed our cereal too :)

After breaky we lounged. DJ did go next door and no one was home to play with and Samantha didn't want to play outside. I don't blame her, it was still chilly. We did some cleaning in anticipation of a certain little girl's birthday celebration. That and I'm trying to be on them a bit more about leaving toys everywhere...they're usually not fun to step on! And honestly, there's a great big room downstairs that's dedicated to a play room!!! And we cleaned that up too!!

After lunch we did some laundry and finished cleaning, and since the sun was still shining, we went outside for a bike ride. DJ's been begging for one all week, and daddy suggested I take 'em before he got home. So I  did! We went our usual route up to the top of our cul-de-sac. The neighbour with the pure breed Border Collies was out and we chatted a bit. Found out the German Shepherd had a rendezvous with his male and had puppies 3 weeks ago. And her human was out, so we went and asked if we could see the pups. She had 10 but lost two, and of the 8 there's 4 of each. Samantha couldn't stop saying "aw, so cute" whenever one of the moved or squeaked. It was darling. They both were timid to pet them, but one I held one they reached out. Despite the smell of the garage, they were very soft! And oh so cute!!!!

I also found out the Border Collie also knocked up his mate (he's a randy dog!) and she's due April 5th. Now I've got puppy fever!!! Border Collies are a great dog!!! Howie at least agreed to go see the other pups sometime this weekend...
It started to rain big drops so we headed for home. Picked up the mail and went inside. Just now realized I left the newspaper behind...oops! I also had a great hour long chat with my mom. We text every day, but its been a while since - heard her voice. Then I kept working on laundry and then I worked on dishes while the kids played. I got a phone call asking if I could take care of the middle boys from next door as the whole family was scattered. So I said sure and told my two they were coming. Both of them started whooping and hollering!

Since the garage door was open, Howie was able to sneak in and scare all of us! More the kids than me, that was funny! Within minutes the boys were here and chaos ensued! They mostly played downstairs making a mess of the clean room. But they did have fun!! And cleaned it up before dinner. We took the easy way out and did burgers. Worked well!!

After dinner I needed to bathe my two, so off Samantha and I went to the bathroom. She wanted a bubble bath, and she got one, but half way thru, she didn't want bubbles anymore. Oy! So got her cleaned up and out. As I was combing her hair I found A LOT of soap still in it, so laid her on my lap (while she screamed her head off) and rinsed it out. I thought it pretty genius, she thought it torture! Just as I finished her up, I got a call that the boys could go home, so off they went. Good timing really as it was DJ's turn for his bath. The shower thing is losing its appeal now that I can hold the nozzle to rinse him off. *smh*

Once both kids were in bed Howie and I watched the results of AI. He'd watched it while I was bathing the kids. Wasn't surprised with the bottom 3, but I was WAY off!!! lol And I was wishing Naima was the one booted...altho Karen was a close second pick for me. So its all good! I have to say Lee DeWyze, last year's winner, was rather boring!!!!!! And the Black Eyed Peas weren't any better....they didn't have their usual spunk!

Private Practice had my jaw dropping in the first 8 minutes!! WOW! Talk about an ethical/moral choice!! A woman carrying her last chance at a baby via IVF found out the baby had a bad heart and wouldn't live more than a day. So they wanted to harvest the baby girl's eggs for another shot at pregnancy. Is that not the strangest?!? In the end it didn't happen....

Til next time...God bless!

P.S. I did wear green...but Howie didn't, and got pinched twice!!!! hahaha

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  1. Puppy fever is the best!! But just a tad bit of advice, from the daughter of a professional dog trainer, breeder of show dogs, and long time advocate for animals, border collies are WONDERFUL dogs, very intelligent, very very energetic (aka can drive u nuts with their running, jumping, spinning in circles lol), very very much a herding dog (aka will naturally herd anything thats around like your kids for example) and require a LOT of training preferably in a puppy training class with other dogs & a pro trainer to socialize them really well. Not trying to discourage you, just letting you know the scoop. Plus, if I may be so bold as to be a tad judgemental of your neighbors, no #$%^&*&^%$# way should a dog, especially an un-fixed dog, be running loose in the neighborhood to impregnate a neighbors dog who also shouldnt be running loose unfixed & in heat... just saying :o)


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