Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm not sure what's in the water

But again this woken up by a puking my hand as DJ lay on my arm sleeping away! What  mad dash to get up that was! Howie got her and I got cleaned up. DJ woke up as I was trying to get off the bed one handed without letting "the hand" touch the bed or pillows.

Once I cleaned up I crawled back into bed...even tho the clock said 8:20, my body KNEW it was 7:20!! I was gonna go back to sleep, but SOMEBODY came into the room and said "Get up, I'm not dealing with this alone!" as our daughter was puking in the bathroom again. :(

So I got up and got dressed and came out to sit with her....she threw up again (and is getting GOOD at recognizing her body signs) while on my lap, but it was all bile. About a half hour later tho, she kept saying she was we gave her some dry cereal and prayed she'd keep it down. Meanwhile, I made buckwheat pancakes. Never had 'em before, and wasn't sure what to expect...but they were a nice change from eggs! I picked up some sugar free syrup yesterday and it was a nice treat on the pancakes. DJ gobbled his up! And even Sam had a few bites of mine with no repercussions!

After we were done eating, Howie went and had a shower...he had a plan today and he wasn't letting a puking Sam slow him down!! His plan: go to Outdoor Emporium (kinda like Walmart is to me!) and check things out with his birthday money. I suggested he might wanna take DJ with him so I could focus on Sam and her needs....and bless his heart, he did take him! But didn't tell him where they were going! They both said they had fun walking around looking at things and talking. DJ was an exemplary kid and it made Howie glad he brought him along. They even stopped for a coffee (and strawberry smoothie) on the way.

Sam and I snuggled on the couch, til she realized I was hoping she'd fall asleep :D then she went to one of the chairs. So far the puke monster stayed she had water in a sippy cup and was happy watching Dora. Just before 1 I called Howie to see where they were and they were in Monroe and on their way home. So I got busy making lunch for us and it was ready just as they walked in!
DJ came in first with TWO new bouncy four square balls...think dodgeball size...he'd been talking about them yesterday and said he wanted a green one and Sam wanted a purple one...he had  purple one and a blue one!! Guess green wasn't good enough! lol Oh he was so cute!!!! Howie said that as they were on the way home DJ said he wanted to go to one more Howie asked which one and the response was "toy store!!!!!" Howie gave it some thought and remembered the discussions about the basketballs and headed to a sports equipment store. What fun for them!!

After lunch I gave Howie a hair cut and we moved all the furniture out of the dining room so I could steam the helped too! Then they went downstairs to work and I got busy mopping! Have I ever told you how much I LOVE my Shark mop!?!?! LOVE IT!!! I even did both bathrooms, the landing AND the laundry room!!!! No more spilled ALL floor! As I was working on the kids bathroom Sam came up to help me, but it was more like sit on the floor outside the door and whine at me. So as I moved stuff to my bathroom she followed me and wanted "uppy" we laid on the bed instead.

I figured if I paid a few minutes attention, she'd be happy and let me work. She was SOOOO incredibly sweet!! Kissing my face all over and hugging on those tender moments! Then she looked at me and said "good nite" and closed her eyes....I watched her fall asleep within a minute!!!! I kid you not! Amazing talent that is! lol So I covered her up and let her sleep while I got back to cleaning!

I tried waking her an hour later, but she didn't want to have anything to do with that and instead I laid on the bed with her and she dozed in my arms for another half hour...then DJ found us and was instantly jealous!  Yeah, we all got up then!

For dinner we did burgers...and I tried the couscous thing again...this time a sun dried tomato flavoured one...its still not my cup of tea! And Howie has in fact requested it never be made again! lol  I'm inclined to give him this one! Sam had some bites of meat and a vanilla yogurt...she'd done well all day. DJ on the other hand was struggling with dinner and announced he didn't want we talked about it and agreed it would be his lunch tomorrow. *shrugs* what can I do? Not gonna force him to eat! Altho he didn't get anything else to eat after that!

I bathed the kids and we put them to bed...then since there was nothing on tv, we watched another episode of Dexter...its slowly starting to grow on me...just wish it had closed captioning! I keep having to ask Howie to repeat things that are muttered or whispered. Samantha was up half way thru it, so Howie got up and dealt with her and got her tucked back into bed. Then after Dexter he went to bed himself. I tried finding a movie to watch, but wasn't in a movie mood...instead I watched 3 episodes (or 4) of Hot in's quite funny!!! Who doesn't love Betty White!?!? Then I watched Amazing Race on on EARTH does one go the wrong way for SO many hours and miss the preplanned flight!!?!?!? That was nuts!  And then in the end lose their fanny pack?? I would have given up then and there! Next week should be interesting!!

Til next time...God bless!

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