Monday, March 7, 2011

Fever strikes again!

This morning DJ woke up next to me at 7:15...but at the time I didn't think anything of the heat he was projecting as he'd been laying next to me. 10 minutes later he came back into the bedroom and said he threw up all over himself and daddy's chair. Howie, bless his heart, got up to take care of the cleaning and DJ. It took a bit for me to doze back to sleep...and then Sam came in for a 30 second snuggle and she was off again.

About 9:30 Howie came in to wake me, but he'd decided we weren't taking DJ to church, but I needed to get up anyways lol. Sam came in again to help me get up and get some chat. I was in the bathroom and she tried opening the drawer where my make up bag is...all the while saying "my eyes are killing me!" ha...I have NO clue where she got that one from!!

After breakfast I headed into town to get wrapping paper and cards for our twin nieces. Tomorrow is their real birthday, but today was the family party....and I was kind of unprepared! I hurried home and got the gifts wrapped....Howie and Sam were already dressed and ready to go! DJ and I were staying home to be mellow.

And mellow it was!! He started getting hungry at lunch time, so I made him a half peanut butter sammy...and he wolfed it down!! I got busy in the kitchen while he watched tv and laid around. When I got done everything on my list, we laid on the couch together and watched a VeggieTales movie...and I'm not sure which one I picked, but we both thought it funny they were wearing boots as hats! Howie called when he got close to home so we could get ready to head out.

Since DJ was doing good, we all headed to costco to finish the shopping. Surprisingly, having Howie there with me didn't increase the bill! lol And on Sunday afternoons right before they close, there's no sampling to ignore! Kinda nice!! And all the cashiers were at the ready!!! Even better! It was 6 when we left, and I'm real thankful we got a roast chicken from there for dinner! While Howie unloaded the groceries, I got busying steaming veggies for dinner. Oh and making Swiss Chalet sauce to go with the chicken! YUM!

After dinner the kids played for a bit, but then got ready for bed. I'd gotten them both new toothbrushes today in hopes of keeping germs down! I didn't realize at the time that I'd gotten two Spiderman ones...but Sam was just as thrilled as DJ was with it works! Thanks to my new toy that I got yesterday, I was able to put labels on each one so they know what's what!! I love my new label maker!! :)

Once the kids were in bed I got a HUGE hint to make some ice cream....quite funny actually! So, tonite I made blueberry and it was delicious!!! I think I prefer blueberry over the vanilla! Howie watched some of Amazing Race with me and then went to bed. Army Wives came back tonite and it was like getting to see some old girlfriends again!! Love this show!!!  And of course I enjoyed Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters as usual! Now, after Sam coming out to pee and DJ coming out to snuggle, saying he couldn't sleep (yeah right!) its my turn to head in! Hopefully tomorrow we'll get the call that the new computer is ready to come home! Using the laptop is okay, but not the same!

Til next time...God bless!

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