Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Its one thing to have a birthday

And quite another to be so sick you can't even enjoy it!!

This morning when the kids got up the remembered it was Daddy's birthday, and so after a while, we called him to sing happy birthday to him. I asked him how he was doing since he told me  yesterday that he wasn't feeling "right" after everyone went home. Turns out, he really wasn't!! He went to see the Dr today at work and has the crud! So he's on antibiotics and meds to clear his sinuses and he came home.

It was close to 11 when he came home, and the kids were confused but still happy to see him and wish him happy birthday in person. He changed, chatted for a few minutes with us and went to bed after taking his first dose of meds. Good thing he sleeps with earplugs in...Sam's squealing was at an all time high today! So much so, that I told her if she screams, I'm gonna spank her...I think i finally got thru to her after explaining it 5 times...and didn't have to spank her once! That's my girl! She's so much more sensitive than DJ is about disciplinary actions. She gets it!

We ate lunch and then played Sam's new game she got yesterday...the Ladybug Game...there's even a story in it about the 4 ladybugs who got swept away on a HUGE wind and needed to find their way home...past the Praying Mantis and the ants...all the while collecting aphids to feed the ants in order to get by them to get home. Quite the story! And there sure was a lot of counting!! We played once the 3 of us, and then there was a knock on the door and K was over...so when we were done, the 4 of us played another game. Sam was bored half way thru the 2nd game, but hung in there long enough to get to home.

Howie woke about 2ish and had lunch...DJ had gone over next door with K and I was gonna take Sam with me (or leave her) to go do the books at the shed. Howie wasn't up to having her around, so she came with me...and as we were leaving, DJ was heading home.....Lara said her boys were being too rowdy and misbehaving, so DJ came home...or rather, hopped in the truck and came with me and Sam.

Got the books loaded up and the shed organized and came back home. Howie was laying down again but wasn't sleeping. He suggested we go take a walk and see the puppies up the street...and was hoping the fresh air would do him good so we could go out for his birthday dinner. Guess who's got puppy fever now!?!?!? Yup, he's got it!! Oh they're just so adorable!!!!! I even had one sucking on my finger the same way the kids used to between feedings...awwwwwww The girls in the litter are much smaller than the chunky boys, but that's normal...and even tho we want a girl, Howie kept picking boys. I did too that first time! The one sucking on my finger (after giving my hand a good licking over) was a girl...just the sweetest!!!

We walked back and decided the dinner in a restaurant would not be happening today. So I texted Jake to let him know dinner was going to be postponed. We got in the house and Howie went to lay down again before dinner. I put on Dora for the kids and got some Avoning done. This campaign is the most crucial one...whether I achieve President's Club or not....I'm currently 652.00 away from that sales goal...and to sweeten the pot, its double dollars campaign!!! So, I really only need 326.00 to hit the marker!! And so far, I'm at 476...before the doubling!! SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! This was my goal at the start of Avon's fiscal  year...and I did it!!!! With a lot of help too!!

Dinner was breakfast....I made buckwheat pancakes again, only this time following the directions a little closer and they weren't so dense...and scrambled eggs with cheese. The kids WOLFED it all down!!! I was floored!!! In fact, DJ ate pretty much the same as Howie and I only a little less egg...shocked me!! They both really like the pancakes!! I'm thinkin this needs to be a bi-weekly meal in our house! Dinner was done by 6:36...which lately is unheard of!

Howie went back to bed and the kids watched tv while I kept on working with Avon stuff....and before we knew it, it was jamma time!!!! Which is immediately followed by teeth time and then story time and my favourite, bed time!!!!!! lol  During jamma time Sam found herself in the laundry basket fooling around and when I told her to get out, she managed to trip herself and catch her foot somehow on the basket and slice the bottom of her foot...we're talkin a quarter inch cut. The dramatics that ensued were certainly worthy of an Oscar should she ever pursue a career in the movies. OH it was dreadful!!! She couldn't walk on it at all!!! Had to be carried everywhere!! She told me she couldn't call out for Daddy cuz her foot has an owie on it. ha!!!

I read to both kids in Sam's room and then tucked them both in after Howie said his good nites. Then got settled to watch DWTS with Howie...he had it on, I really could care less this go around. I didn't last season either...the "stars" are so dim that they're not really stars anymore! Nevertheless we enjoyed the judges comments more than anything. Howie went to bed shortly after 9 and hasn't come out since...so I hope he's able to sleep most of the crud away and wake up semi-healthy! I did make him a lunch just in case.

Meanwhile, I frogged the sweater I started two weeks ago...for a couple reasons. #1 i don't have enough yarn for the whole sweater...and #2, the  yarn i do have is discontinued so I can't just go buy more...and finally #3, I made too many mistakes in the front of the sweater to be happy with it. Once i took the needle out and the sleeve stitch holders I tried it on...and I'm pleased with the sizing! So that's good! Balling up all that yarn is tedious!!! Especially thru no fault but my own, I made one of them such a tangled mess!!! Boy did that try my patience!! I won tho! lol

Til next time...God bless!

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