Friday, March 4, 2011

Believe and you will achieve!!

This morning dawned far too early with too many people in our bed!! Howie said Sam came in about 3 am, and then DJ came in around 4 something...he got up for work and I woke up to a dead arm and hearing him whisper talk to I shifted both kids and got comfy for the rest of sleeping. It felt like 5 minutes later we were up for the day!! I like it better when 20 minutes feels like hours!!!

Since we had no day plans, we just kinda hung took their time getting dressed. By 10:30 DJ wanted to go see if the neighbours were home, they were, but K was sick, so he brought C home with them and the 3 of them played pretty well together. C went home for lunch and came right which point he watched us eat our lunch, and then the three amigos went back to chasing each other, dancing in DJ's room, playing in Sam's name it! They tried the outside playing thing, but it was pretty chilly out there. Within minutes of them coming back in the house, it started pouring outside!!

While they were out tho, I tackled my biggest clutter area....and sorted thru most of it and got it put away neatly.Still some stuff to deal with finding homes for. But it looks way better!!! I think I'll never be destined to have one of those show ready homes!!! S'ok, I know where everything is! :)

I put a movie on for the kids and went to take a shower...I heard C leave, and DJ came to tell me, which was good timing as we needed to boot scoot and boogie!!! The plan was to leave at 3:30, but that ended up being 3:47...pick up one of my local reps, Jaime, and then head to a park and ride to meet up with other reps as we were all going to a Leadership seminar and carpooling together. Yes, I know its my 8 year anniversary, but Howie gave me his blessing to go, and we have a date planned for Saturday nite!! We did the vehicle swap thing...the kids fell asleep on the way to the park n ride...the rain was torrential and the sound of it put them to sleep! Kissed my hubby and got in with one of the other girls for the drive to the restaurant where we were meeting up with other reps for dinner.

Yeah, the coordination of this wasn't perfectly thought out...we went to the wrong Red Robin...and got lost on the way to the right one! Sheesh that was trying!! All the while I'm starving!! We ordered right away and waited. 3 others of our dinner group ended up going somewhere else all together as they didn't to get lost like we did. I was a good girl too!! I split a bunless mushroom burger and got a side of broccoli...even gave all but 4 of my fries to the gal I split with. Perfect!! The only thing I didn't think thru, was the lemonade...til I was halfway thru it that is! Drats!! hidden sugar sux!!

The meeting place wasn't too far away from where we were, so we high tailed it outta there!! Got to the rec center with no time to checked in and went into the meeting. There were over 200 reps!!! That's a lot of Avoning!! It was a good meeting...the motivation was good, and the upcoming teasers were good too!!  It was done about 9 and we were able to fly home practically!! I got to ride in a Prius too...first time ever!! The dashboard is weird!!! Kinda 3D-ish really. Got home just after 10, made good time! Howie was still up, so we chatted for a bit and I let him be to sleep. I then came out to wash my hands and noticed the Mums on the table with a card. Awwwwwwwwwww So I went back to let him know I saw them...and heard how the kids picked them out!!!! So sweet!!!!

Then I sat and watched Survivor...forgot to dvr it last nite, but On Demand had it already, so I got to see Russell go down!!!!! HA!!!!!! Oh that made me chuckle!!!! And the chick who was so defensive for him, was the very one who in the beginning said "I won't be sucked into Russell's group" *rolls eyes* nice try sweetie!!

Til next time...God bless!

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