Monday, March 28, 2011

Chasing Rainbows

This morning I awoke shortly after 9 and was shocked that I hadn't been woken before that!! The 3 am wake up from DJ doesn't count...or I'm not letting it count! lol Good thing he understands "its still dark out, stay in your own bed!" and doesn't question it!

I got up and showered right away...after stepping on the scale that is...I'm now down 25lbs thanks to South Beach!!! I still don't see where it's coming off...but I know my butt feels smaller!! That's the biggest difference when I put my clothes on!! Go figure! In any case, I'll take it!!

We were a tad late getting to church...I'll blame me as I wanted to put make up on, not something I normally do in the  mornings these it takes a bit the kids discovered I was awake and were wanting to talk to me while getting dressed.

After church (where DJ actually did good for a change) we left in our separate vehicles as today was an Avon delivery day!! So off to Lynnwood I went!! It was alternating rain and sunshine....the whole day it couldn't decide what to be/do so it was both! I had fun catching up with my clients!! Aside from a couple, everyone was that was a nice change!!! Also takes longer since I haven't seen most of them in a while! I also had the new Reese Witherspoon perfume to show off....I'm beginning to really like it too! Even if I do smell coconut whenever its sprayed lol

I also took the car for an oil change at Walmart since I was in town...and Howie asked me to. So to pass the time waiting for it to be done (over an hour) I wandered aimlessly thru Walmart....really a bad thing to do! Should have taken a nap in the waiting room! I started off in the book section and picked up the newest Debbie Macomber book...she's a local author that I just LOVE!!! Then into the electronic section and I found a Tim McGraw cd...since I'll be seeing him in June I figured I'd better have a cd. Then the shoe section....I got both kids a new pair of  "crocs", but in the 5.00 price range! Then the kids clothing section....where again I find things marked down to a dollar!!!! So I did some Easter buying! lol

I finally got outta there...fairly cheap too....and headed for home. It wasn't til I was getting on the freeway that I saw the rainbow....oh it was beautiful and vibrant! Then it jumped ahead of me and was in I got on the trestle it was going from Marysville to Monroe...and I thought I'd get to drive under it...but it moved again...then it looked like it was going from Lake Stevens to Monroe....and again I thought I'd be lucky enough to drive under it...but it moved again. Chasing rainbows is tough work! I had to stop at Freddys at which point the rainbow looked like it was right over my house, I was almost going to call Howie and have him check for a pot of gold! By the time I got out tho, it was gone. Sure was fun tho!

I got home and dinner was on the table, literally, so I sat down and ate while the kids discovered their new shoes and wore them immediately!! Sam got purple ones and DJ got black. There wasn't much choice in the boys section...and his were the only 12's in the lot! Sam could have had pink or purple, but I know my girl and purple is it! Plus she has a purple coat in the same I had to match it!  After dinner it was bed time for the kids so off they went! I went to change after tucking DJ in and when I came out Sam was laying on the floor outside her door...she wanted to know what "that" was on her was her curtain's got her tucked in again and came out to get Howie's lunch ready for tomorrow. He was watching Laugh In on PBS and enjoying it. When I finally went to sit for the rest of the evening I discovered Sam at the end of the hall again...this time for no reason. So back into bed she went.  And she finally stayed!

After Howie went to bed I watched Amazing Race...and I'm not at all one bit sorry to see the slowest team be eliminated!!! Then I watched Army Wives...and sobbed the entire show away! From within the first 3 minutes to the very end! Oh it was awful!!! I pray I never have to have one my children die before I do! I don't think my heart could take it!!! I'm tearing up just typing this out! In any case, I learned its nearly impossible to knit while I didn't as much done tonite as I would have liked.

Til next time...God bless!

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