Thursday, March 3, 2011

Off to see a man

About new tires!! That was the goal of the day!! I made the appointment for 11:30 knowing that 11 was too much to shoot for. I have noticed with two independent children, it takes longer to get out the door!!  I was hoping to get out the door by 10:30...I got the kids out exactly at that time...and then need a moment to collect myself and make sure I had everything I needed! All told, we pulled out of the driveway before 10:45 which I consider an accomplishment!!

Got to the Tire place in Kirkland with minutes to spare!!! Sweet! So we head in and DJ is mesmerized by all the tires in the showroom. Sam was too, but not in the Lightning McQueen way DJ was. I'd explained to him what we were having done and he was fascinated to see it done! Good thing they had HUGE windows we could watch from...and they were in the second bay from where we were in the waiting room. We had 3 guys working on the truck and it was pretty quick!! There was even another lady in the waiting room with us, and she somewhat explained to me how to change a tire...something I've never had to do...and hope to never have to do! But at the same time, I'll be making sure Samantha is taught! :)  Not at all hypocritical!! ha!

When they were done we hopped in the truck and headed for home...but first I had to tighten up the car seats...not sure why they had to remove them to put the spare back under the vehicle (never knew that either!) but they didn't put it in good and tight! Immediately, like, within the first foot, I could tell the difference in the tires!!! SO weird!!! I felt like I was sticking to the road better...I could fell the traction of the tires! It was quieter and smoother too!! Might have been mental, but damn it felt good!!

We got home and did the lunch thing...and then since the neighbours weren't home, I put on a Netflix movie for the kids and laid on the couch. But rest was not for me! I got a phone call from Howie....FedEx came by with a package for my neighbour and at the same time, two JW women came I signed for the package, and sent the women on their way. I tried laying down again, but my phone kept going off, and the kids wanted to lay with me, which I love! So no nap for mommy!! Just as well...I was making pizza for dinner and needed to get it going.

Howie got home about 20 minutes later than normal as he'd stopped by the man with the tires and got his car set up with new tires too!! He said he could feel all the things I did too...and knew that going around corners he wasn't gonna slip and slide!! Yeah, they were both that bad!! Pizza was was a whole wheat pre-made crust from Boboli...but it was tasty considering we haven't had any pizza in over 3 weeks now.

DJ and I left as soon as he was done eating for Awana...he was SO happy to get to go!!! We rehearsed his 3 verses to recite and as soon as we got there he headed in to do them right away. His teachers were happy to see him...its been 4 weeks!!! what with illness and snow cancellations. I got right to work with my kids...and they kept me BUSY tonite!!! Time flew right by! The brownies came and, that's tough!!!! lol I took a cheese stick and an apple with me so I munched away on them!

Came home and put DJ to bed and watched the women on AI tonite...the two Laurens really stuck with me!! And, she gave me chills and its only the first nite!!!! Truth be told, the guys did much better than the girls collectively!! Should be interesting to see how the votes go! Off the Map was off the hook!!! What a great show! Makes me cringe still tho! lol Guess they're doing their job!

Til next time...God bless!

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