Friday, March 11, 2011

And another victim has been taken

This morning Miss Samantha came into my room and crawled into bed with me and said "I not feeling well" and just snuggled. She wasn't fevered one bit...but she kept repeating herself so I'd know. After a few minutes she said she needed to we went to the bathroom where she dry heaved. Lovely! I then cancelled plans I had with my unit leader and one of my reps to go out door to door this morning.

DJ on the other hand....was in fine form! Almost literally bouncing off the walls! Aside from a mild run to his nose occasionally, you'd never know he wasn't up to par. As he and I were eating breakfast, Sam said she needed to puke off we went...another dry heave session later, she was back in Daddy's chair. She did need to pee, so that's good...and decided since she was naked I could scratch her back for her. Ha!

I went back to my soggy cereal, and DJ finished his pretty quick and Sam started asking for something to drink. So I gave her some very watered apple juice and she did good. Didn't guzzle it or puke it back up. So an hour later when she asked for cereal, I gave her a bowl of dry cereal and she took her time eating it. Again, she's not fevered, just mellow.

DJ ate his lunch (his leftover dinner from last nite, you didn't think I'd forget did you?? He wished I did!) and then asked to go next off he went. I then made my own lunch and Sam joined me at the table with the last of her cereal. Then we snuggled in my chair and on the couch. We both fell asleep about 3 and she slept for a good hour and a half. I got a half hour before my arm was totally numb. So I got up and started on dinner. Howie was doing a drive by for dinner and then heading to Lynnwood for a football meeting about Jake's team.

Dinner was a Minestrone soup mix I'd been given a couple years ago as a of those gifts in a jar...and today I saw it and thought it was perfect for a drive by dinner with an open sandwich. DJ wanted pizza, and I'd steamed some carrots for they each got some. Sam ate the olives off her pizza and then kept saying she was gonna puke...after 2 times to the bathroom (and one of those was just so I could scratch her bum ~WTF~) I gave her a bowl to use if she needed it as I wanted to eat my dinner finally. Well wouldn't you know it, the 3rd time she said it, she did just that! Luckily I could see her signs and grabbed the bowl to catch it. And thankfully she hadn't eaten much....still smells vile tho! Got her cleaned up and in a new shirt and told her no more food. Oh she cried and cried!!!! I did give her more water/juice to keep the fluids going. Don't need her getting dehydrated on top of it all!

After dinner I gave them both a bath and put them both to bed!!!! No more puking episodes....and she did a good pee before here's hoping I have two healthy children tomorrow as its an Avon day!

Once they were in bed I called my g/f Earika back and we chatted for almost an hour...and then Howie came home so we chatted for a bit. He'd stopped off to visit a friend on the way home and had a good visit. He didn't stay up and watch BBT with me, so I saved it for another day. After he went to bed I pulled out my knitting. I started a sweater for me....but I'm doing it according to the pattern and if the size isn't right, that's okay...I'm sure I'll find someone to give it to! I always do!!

Tonite was a slow nite Grey's or Private I settled for The Mentalist and Fairly Legal. Both good shows!!! Really liking Fairly Legal with every episode...and once again, its on USA network! They make winners!

Til next time...God bless!

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