Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sending me to Lowes is like

Me sending Howie out to buy pads...rarely done!! Or in his case, never done!

This morning I had cold feet waking me up at 6:45...thankfully he went back to sleep for another hour before getting up for the day. Sam wasn't up til after 8 which was nice too! They both discovered the grapes in the fridge and helped themselves. They still ate pretty good tho for having "snacked" on grapes!

After breakfast BOTH of them were asking to go outside...Sam's reasoning was spot on..."it's a nice day!" but it was still chilly, and I knew the neighbours weren't home. I told them that and DJ opted to wait til they got home...even tho Sam asked over and over. She was antsy to wear her new crocs outside.

Since they weren't going anywhere I got busy with dishes and laundry...I swear, I haven't had a laundry free day in weeks!!! Just nuts!! And a g/f of mine put it perfectly...the smaller the person the more laundry they perpetuate!! Why is that!?!? Oh, remind me to call the neighbours tomorrow and see if they have Sam's undies and socks...she came home without them both. lol Oh my little nudist!

Just as I was getting lunch on the table there came a knock on the door...it was K and he was home and wanted the kids to play...so he came in and played downstairs while my two ate their lunch. As soon as they were done, they were off!! In the meantime I'd gotten a call from Lara asking if her boys were in my house (and they were, C just came in and went downstairs like it was his own house lol) and said if I wanted to leave my two while I went and did the shed stuff, that that would be fine with her. SWEET!!!!!

Once I got Sam out of the house after doing the "going outside" routine, I then went and got myself ready to head into town. I was all over the place too!! Lowes was one of the main stops as Howie had asked me to pick up a shelf and a light switch and plate for him....yeah...I did, but only after having 3 employees randomly ask me if I needed any help! Without them I'd still be wandering those aisles! At least its one place I won't go crazy at! Maybe Lowes oughta think about putting in an oil changing bay!  I'd take a nap then!

One of my other stops was at Freddy's as I'd gotten a call that my contacts were in...finally!!! Only been 4 weeks since a new pair were reordered for me...so tomorrow will be the test to see if I like them or not. I'm so tired of fuzzy eyes cuz the left contact of my current pair is too strong for my eye now.

I got home about 8 minutes before Howie did...and the kids were still next door playing. Lara knew I was home, but the kids were all playing happily. It didn't take them long to come home tho and find us and start saying they were hungry! lol Always the case with them! So we started on dinner....which was yummy!! Been a while since we've had hamburgers! And not sure why either. After dinner I got the kids bathed and then we put them to bed. Neither child came out of their room or called for me once!!! Thank you fresh air!!

Howie was watching DWTS when I got done tucking DJ in, so I sat with him and got caught up in it. Ralph and Kirstie are still my faves!!! Even voted for them! 2nds for me would be Romeo and Chelsea...they did really good and were sharp!! Hines would be 5th...not too shabby for a football player!! Even if he is a Steeler! Or as we like to say around here, Stealer! Howie went to bed before the end of it all, and they'll do a recap tomorrow if we watch the results show, please God let there be a Glee on tomorrow!!!

Then I watched a new show Chicago somethingorother...the one with Jennifer Beals in it (from Flashdance) and it was pretty good for a pilot episode. Then it was time for Castle...for some reason my dvr took a holiday and didn't leave notice, so I missed the first 15 minutes of the show, but I'd seen a preview, so I was up to speed.

The knitting is coming along...I'm documenting it on facebook in my Yarn Porn photo album....the yoke is SO tough to power thru!!! SO many stitches that by the time I'm half way thru the round I forget if its an increase row or a knit row. That's frustrating! But I'm loving the colour!!!! Tomorrow I should have the sleeves separated and working on the bodice. Whew!

Til next time...God bless!

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