Sunday, March 20, 2011

I haven't knit

In THREE days!!!! That's how busy I've been!! Sheesh! My hands are going thru withdrawal and starting to shake lol First sign of addiction! But I already knew I was addicted! :)

This morning I got to sleep in!! I woke when DJ woke up, and it was then I realized I fell asleep quite instantly, in the process of putting chapstick on. I didn't even put hand cream on!! My poor hands have been mad at me all day too! So when the boys left the bed I rolled over and fell back to sleep! And slept great til just before 10....absolutely wonderful! I got up and the kids were fed and dressed! Perfect!! I sat with them for minutes before getting breakfast ready for Howie and I.

After we ate, I got busy cleaning for tomorrow's festivities. I did windows and Howie did bathrooms! Then I made cupcakes for Samantha's birthday so they'd be nice and cool to decorate. Then I made Howie's sugar free cake...and f'd it up royally!! I doubled the water cuz I wasn't thinking straight! Yikes!!! So, instead of just tossing it (first instinct) I put it in the fridge to wait til I got another package and just do a two layer cake.

Then I got lunch ready and we all ate. DJ had been out all morning playing with the boys next door so he was having a blast!! Once we were done eating, we headed off for Aliya's birthday party. She's 23 hours older than SamSam...and they're good friends!! My kids were more than excited to be going!! We were a bit late getting there, but it was all good!

The kids had fun!! It was a barnyard theme and each kid had a straw hat waiting for them. Samantha put hers on right away...and I couldn't have paid DJ to wear his lol. The games were good too! Pin the tail on the donkey (DJ took second), hot potatoe, digging in the straw to find chocolate coins (DJ won that one). And finally a pinata! Both my kids enjoyed hitting it with the bat! And getting candy out of the deal!!

Howie called me about 4:30 to see what my eta was, and they'd just brought out the cupcakes. He'd been on craigslist looking for a lawn mower and found one to go look at, but I had the truck. So after talking with Lara, DJ stayed with her and I went home to get Howie and off we went. Samantha fell asleep before we got to the highway! She'd talked me into getting her a milk steamer from the coffee place since she missed out on yesterday. She was asleep when we pulled in and didn't rouse. So it sat waiting for her. We enjoyed our treat tho! We ended up buying the lawn mower (half of what we'd budgeted for!!) and heading home. DJ was outside playing when we got home. Howie dealt with the lawn mower, and giving our neighbours the old one (it lost its propeller-ness) and I got started on dinner. And making Howie's cakes since we'd also stopped at Freddy's to get a second one.

Dinner was late (I honestly think this time change thing is still affecting us somehow) and after it had been eaten, and the kids each had a treat from their pinata loot. Then I came up with a BRILLIANT plan!! I'd bathe SamSam and Howie would help DJ shower! And we made it a race to see who could get clean faster! I was just washing Samantha's feet when he yelled thru the wall that he was done!! So close! But I had two clean children in half the time!! Sweet!!! Books were read, beds were made (I now get the whole doubling up on sheets with a waterproof top between them!! Only took me five yrs almost!) and kisses were given and blankets tucked in. I then got busy wrapping Samantha's presents. Heard her door open as I'm wrapping, so Howie investigated and she hadn't come out. When I got done and put them in my closet, I checked in on her and she was still awake. She'd also taken her pj's off, said she didn't like them! Well, neither do I, but she's too young to be sleeping nekkid yet!

Howie went to bed and I got busy frosting everything! Some of the cupcakes are for her church class and the rest are for the family party. And Howie's sugar free cake maker (Splenda) also has a mix for icing!!! YAY Splenda!! Of course I then had to clean up after myself and load the dishwasher! It was after 11 by the time I finally sat down! Found a movie on Lifetime and am blogging during commercials. But I still have breakfast to make for Howie as he's working tomorrow morning til noon. And I've got devilled eggs to make, but they can wait til after church. I'm pooped!!

Til next time...God bless!

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