Monday, February 28, 2011

Executive Decisions

This morning started just after I went to sleep...DJ came in crying just before 3 am and would not take no for an I put him between us and felt like a mother monkey who has her baby literally attached to the back of her!! Next thing I know, Samantha is joining me around 6...which made me the meat to this kid sandwich!!! One by one everyone left the bed! I woke up just after 9 and went to check the situation and if we were clear to go to church!

Turns out our roads were still white and Howie didn't want to chance we just stayed home and puttered. Nothing really to speak of in terms of accomplishing anything specific....sad no? I did make plans once the rain started to head to town to meet up with an Avon client...who happened to be going to Ben Franklin....and I just happened to have a 40% off coupon!!! Reminds me of the cartoon in the paper Howie saw about a man complaining about his wife's couponing...she goes shopping because she has a good coupon! :)  This was a good coupon too!!!

As I was getting ready to leave the kids headed next door to see if anyone could was cute to see DJ give me kisses, and I love you sign, a wave and then a body hug! Sam tried copying him too...even cuter!!! I met up with my girlfriends...chatted for a nice while and then I left them to their scrapbooking section and headed for the yarn department. I had mentioned to my g/f's about how I saw those magnets back at Pike Place last month and how I want a set for my kids...and she told me I could make my own and its easy. So on my way to the yarn, I detoured to an employee and pleaded my case. She knew exactly what I was talking about and led me right to the section that had everything I could need! Briefly explained it all to me, and then left me to my own devices.
It didn't quite sink in but I was getting ideas...and then headed back to the yarn, she saw me and noticed my empty hands, and asked if I needed more help. She could tell I was perplexed and took me back over there and explained it fully so I got it. And I got it!!! So I picked up a set of gems, magnets and this really scary glue called E6000. Then I finally made it to the yarn section only to discover the yarn I fancy has gone up in price, so I decided to wait til I could get to Joann's with some coupons and headed to check out. My g/f's were just finishing their purchases and waited with me and we all headed out. I got to see Denise's scrapbook in progress and she's doing fabulous!

From there I went to visit Freddy...the milk I tried to use last nite to make pudding was bad, and I forgot to get V8 for the week. As I was on my way there, I missed a call from the Optical place saying Howie's contacts were in...say what?? So first stop inside was to find out what she was talking about. Turns out they ordered the very first pair of contacts he tried...but he didn't like them and went back and had the Rx changed to the ones he's in now. So how these got ordered, I don't know! In any case, she'll be returning them! Sad tho that it took over a month to get them in!

I stopped by the shed on the way home and shopped lots of salads, which is helpful and some fresh fruit and veggies. I got home shortly after 4 and found that the kids didn't get to play next door as they were resting when my two went over. And that DJ was in ultra whiny mode! So I sat with him and watched some red carpet coverage of the Oscars. He struggled at dinner and I suggested to Howie that maybe he's getting S-I-C-K and that's why he was so whiny. Sure enough after dinner he's fevered to 100.0. Gosh darnit!!  He'd also been complaining about a headache...but at one point, when asked where it hurt, would put his hand on his back....then the next time, his head. But he didn't want any medicine for it.

He fell asleep on my lap, so I put him right in bed (thankfully he was already in pj's) and then got SamSam in bed. Finished watching the Oscars, which by the way weren't really spectacular by any means! Then Howie went to bed and I watched Amazing Race...well the 40 mins I remembered to record! Argh, thought I had it set up, but apparently not! It is now! Then some other stuff from dvr and knit the nite away!

DJ woke up about 11:30 and wanted to snuggle for a bit before he went back to bed....still refusing medicine and still fevered...but no higher than 99.8....poor guy! I would like for him to be fully healthy please!!! I'm sure he does too!!

Til next time...God bless!

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