Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

From the get go this morning DJ knew it was Halloween!!! Even wanted to wear his costume to church...which we said no to...turns out a couple of the teens did...didn't think a witch costume was really appropriate for church service! C'est la vie! We got home and had a great lunch of soup I'd made yesterday....the potato leek broccoli one...oh it was goooood!!! Kids didn't even want to try more for us! It was after eating my last Ritz cracker that I discovered I'd broken a piece of my back molar on the bottom left side....NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! At least it's not painful...other than to my tongue...which can't stay away from right now as I type this....

After lunch I quickly ran to Lynnwood (not ran, but you know what I mean) to deliver two Avon orders...and make a quick stop at Joann's with the lovely coupons I got in the mail this week...I have a baby shower to go to in a couple weeks, so got some yarn for that...and found this silk bamboo in bark brown that will match one of my winter coats just perfectly!!! Oh its SOOO soft!!!! I can't wait! But, it'll have to wait til I get other stuff done for Christmas.

I got home just after 3:30 and found everyone in the garage...Howie taking fishing inventory and the kids doing whatever they want...Samantha was filthy! lol They were excited (still) about going out tonite and asked if they could get in their costumes patience! I put on a movie for them and Samantha fell asleep! Howie came in and took a nap it was me and pestering DJ awake...he wanted to be in his costume SO bad...he stripped to his shirt and then added underwear....crazy kid! Even ate dinner like that! I will say, he ate well and without a fight with the trick or treating on the horizon like that!

Finally we were off shortly after 6:30....we didn't see one trick or treater til we got to where we were going....a nearby neighbourhood with lots of houses. Buzz and Giraffe were ready!!! Off they went! It only took Sam a couple houses before she figured out what it was all about...and then she was the first to say Twick or Tweet at every house! DJ's way of saying thank you was "To infinity and beyond" the tag line for Buzz Lightyear....he'd even do the arm motion for it! SO cute!  At every house (but a couple) I handed an Avon catalog eh?? I thought so!  In the end we did about 20 the 18th Samantha was asking to be we knew she was done! We did stop by our friends house nearby and they were ready for our kids...they don't get trick or treaters, so they enjoyed seeing our two dressed up! Had a great mini visit with them and off we went for home!

The kids were already in their pj's under their costumes, so once the costumes were discarded teeth were brushed and they were in bed!!! DJ was already asleep when I got done with Sam who was being a bit of a pill....but she did finally settle. Both kids were in the same positions when I checked on them an hour later. Sleepin hard!  Which is where I'm headed now!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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