Thursday, November 4, 2010

And hen there were 6

This morning I had an appointment to sign up my 6th Rep for Avon....YIPPEE!!!!!!! She's a gal I met a year ago (maybe less) thru the Mommy & Me group...and we went to the pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago together...and I chatted her up about it and left it at that! :) Then I got the mail saying she was ready! So, today, she started her own business for 10.00!!! How awesome is that?!?! The kids had fun too! She babysits two girls ages 4 and 18 my two got along famously with them! And shock of all shocks...when I said for them to help clean up, they did!!! Well, Samantha did...DJ just put his shoes on and headed to the truck! Silly kid! Someone oughta teach him some manners......

Then we headed to Main Street to meet up with another client so I could give her her order...then we stopped at the post office to mail a package, which is conveniently located next to a dentist my g/f Jackie recommended and since I was literally RIGHT THERE, I went in to get a vibe...the kids immediately started playing with the toys they found in the toy chest while I chatted with someone...and I now have an appointment for next Tuesday afternoon to x-ray my back molar to see the extent of the damage...Please don't let it be a crown!!!!!

Finally we headed home and got lunch under way...then I shooed the kids outside since it was a gorgeous day here! SIMPLY gorgeous!! It was warmer today that most days in the summer!!!! My truck said 72 on our way home and that was at 1! We broke weather records today!! And tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice! I even have the kitchen window open! NICE!! While they were outside I got some Avon work done and messaged all my peeps about tomorrow's order deadline.

Just as I was gonna lay down and rest my head for a half hour, the kids came we all three snuggled on the fave part of the day today! Howie got home and I went to take a shower before Awana...leaving him to pop the pizza into the oven. Good timing too...I came out and there was 37 seconds left on the timer!! So we actually ate earlier than last week! Good thing too...we made it to the church for 6:10...and off DJ went to his class while I sat at my table secretarying for the T&T group! I'm really getting the swing/routine down....I got all my stuff put away and was able to get DJ for 8:15 and off we went to an Avon appointment. Yes, I know it was late, but I had "the stuff" for her...and she needed it tonite! :) No biggie...DJ played his shy self and ignored us while we chatted for 20 minutes. She's the mom of my hair dresser! So it was nice to meet her!

We came home and DJ went straight to bed (and sleep) so did Howie...which left me the remote! Me likey!!! I watched Survivor...still not sure the strategy behind voting Alina off...Naonka SO deserved to get booted! But I do get the logic behind wanting her in the final 3 as NO ONE would give her the money! Then again, stranger things have happened!

Now, I'm all caught up on my Avon and hittin the sack...deadline is noon tomorrow, so til then I'll be scarce!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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