Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Day!!!

This morning at 6 Samantha crawled into bed with me...and DJ, who crawled in earlier, but I have no clue when!! Together we all snuggled and kept warm for another couple hours!! The electric blanket I put on the bed last nite, isn't so electric...but it definitely kept me warm!!!
While the kids were eating breakfast, I called Howie to see how he fared thru the nite at my surprise, he was on his way home!! He worked all nite, so he was coming home to sleep! He said "hi" to all of us and crashed!!

DJ wanted to go outside at 9:30, so I had him wait a half hour before getting dressed. The kids next door were on the slow side of the day, but DJ kept on playing...for all of 10 minutes!! It takes twice as long just to dress him up to go out!! Ugh! Undressing is no fun either! Whatever happened to one piece snow suits?? As much as I hated mine as a kid, I now see the simplicity!!!

About 11 DJ got the knock on the door to go play, so we did the dress up thing, again! And off he went o play! Just as he was heading out, my Avon was dropped off! So I got busy dividing everything up and organizing. Oh and playing with Samantha whenever she asked! She likes to play catch with stuffies! God, I love her laugh!! She was suffering a bit today in the breathing department, all stuffed up with a runny nose. Poor kid!

I got Howie up at 1 like he asked and went back to feeding the kids lunch.  Then he ate and chaos ensued! Remember that bet he he paid in full!! He washed every washable surface in the house!! Did a great job too!! While he did that I got the cheesecakes made for Thanksgiving dinner. Which also gave the kids their first opportunity to lick off the beater and spatula! YUM!!

Just before 5 I finally sat down for a few...and Samantha liked that idea and snuggled with me...and fell asleep!!! So not what I had in mind!!! I did let her doze for 20 minutes. Then got up and started dinner, at which point I hear Howie say "DJ, wake up!" Noooooo!!! Oh he was miserable to keep awake! I gave him two choices, go right to bed for the nite, or stay awake and eat dinner. He chose dinner!
After dinner I bathed the kids! Not sure how, but Samantha had sticky stuff in her hair! Very glad to get her cleaned up! They both went down effortlessly and without coming out once! I then got busy making a batch of caramel corn while Glee recorded on!!

What a GREAT Glee too!!! Two Bruno Mars songs made it beyond awesome!! Parenthood and the Good Wife were good too!! Now, I hear that warm bed whispering my name!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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