Friday, November 19, 2010

Necessity is the mother of invention

Sometimes it can just be inspiration!!!

This morning they were up and at 'em just after 7 again....I wish they could tell time! And be consistent!! lol I know, there will come a time when I'm dragging THEM out of bed...I will remember this!

After breakfast I got busy tidying the kitchen as we were having a play date this afternoon. And in between putting dishes away and loading the dishwasher again, I was dealing with Avon messages and orders! I did hit submit at 11:52...whew! 8 minutes to spare! :) Nothing like cuttin it close! Was a good one for me!  2 new customers this round is a bonus!! If I can get 2 new every campaign, I'd be golden!

Once submit was hit, I got busy doing the 10 second tidy as I knew Kody and the girls were on their way over!! I hadn't even put my contacts in yet! I got the kids picking up toys, and I dealt with the million books we own and getting them back on the shelf they belong on!! They were everywhere!!!! We even found DJ's slippers!! What a bonus!

Since Kody had fed themselves, I went ahead with lunch for us since the kids were begging me for food! I think we've hit yet another growth spurt!! The kids all played well with the occasional tattler coming to tattle on someone!!! All in all they all had fun! Meanwhile it was nice to talk shop with Kody about Avon and sharing tips and tricks!! And of course poring over the books and oohing and ahhing.

About 3:30ish they headed for home and I got the chicken thawing for dinner...and sat down with the kids in my chair to snuggle with them. Howie came home and we all got up...but I was dragged back to my chair to continue sitting...both kids were worn out, they didn't even care that football was on! In fact, Sam didn't care so much that she fell asleep!! I tried waking her, but man did she get grumpy with me!! So I let her have a 20 minute nap...she's not a fan of the 20 minute power nap! ha!

After dinner I bathed the kids...and then got them into bed and hopped in the shower myself...then watched tv with Howie and knit. He went to bed and I kept on knittin! I finished off the hat for Samantha that I started last nite, and then started I'm calling the ponytail hat...I was checking to see if I had the right size for Sam's head on the unfinished hat, and since the top was open, her ponytail just popped right out...and I thought "Huh, that looks cute!!" So, I made one that does just's a hat with a hole in the top for her pony!! And its more than the head band ear warming thingys you see in the store...its cute! She'll love it! Trust me! lol

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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