Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I not _____, I Sam!!

This is one of her favourite things to say! If you call her Baby, Sweetheart, or any other endearment, she will come back at you with "I not ____, I Sam!" With the most serious face on her too! SO cracks us up! Even funnier, she can't say DJ's name right, it sounds like JJ, and yet when he tells her "I'm not JJ, I'm DEE J" she doesn't bat an eye! hahaha

Today the goal was laundry...and believe it or not, I accomplished said goal! The last load is in the dryer done, I just don't feel like going down there to get it. I even got the dishes all done...well, except the dinner ones, I haven't unloaded yet! C'mon, you want me to do everything!?!?! Oh, wait...I do do everything...darn it! Never mind!

I did discover today that I finally got switched into the right district....here's praying that my order date changes too!!! As of right now, it still shows me as the wrong day...which would seriously tick me off to the nth degree!!! I did try calling, but got no where with the "support" guy in India...oy!

The kids were thrilled with all the decorations on the tree when they woke up....its possible I may have said "Leave the tree alone" more than I said "DJ get your hand outta your pants"....quite the chore!

Howie was late home from work, so I held dinner off til he walked in....gave him enough time to change and then we sat down to eat! DJ was being a pill about eating his rice for some reason. The peas, I get, but the rice...that's a normal food for here! Yet, he fought me long enough that there was no time left for a bath. Grrrrr And he got sent to his room for saying something sassy to his dad...I dread when he gets older! I see his little temper already.

After the kids were in bed, I headed to the shed to do my weekly duty...which wasn't much as the book run was very small this last week. I didn't mind. It was kinda creepy being there by myself at nite in pitch black! Remind me not to do that again! I don't mind going there to shop, but to work...I swear I start hearing noises...and I'M DEAF!!!! Should have put my ear buds in and listened to something...next time!!

No Christmas movie tonite...nor was there anything new in the stuff we do watch...so I watched the CMA Country Christmas...loved singing along! That Martina McBride sure has an amazing voice!!! And for some reason, I was shocked to see how old her kids are already! I remember her being pregnant with her first!! Dang!! Who lets these kids grow up!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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