Monday, November 29, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

This morning I got to snooze in til 9 and then get ready for church without any little people under foot! Kinda nice! I grabbed Sam a dress on my way to the living room as I didn't want the battle of her picking out the dress. She was most content with my choice and even happier to wear her horsey tights again. I ate while Howie showered and got ready and then off we went. DJ was being a pill today...arguing about everything and just being whiny....not a fun way to start the morning.

He wasn't any better at church! That's the last time he takes a bouncy ball with him! I think I'd almost rather have him snoring than misbehaving! He was also a little butthead about communion and saying how hungry and thirsty he was! I didn't feel he was old enough to comprehend the meaning behind the act, so I said no. Oh the shenanigans! Oh and my phone rang during the sermon...HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!!!! I never get calls on a Sunday morning!!! It was my SiL and I hit ignore as fast as I could as the ringtone was Hillbilly Bone...yikes!!!! Then I silenced it! Won't make that mistake again!

Before heading home we stopped for Howie to get one more adapter for the new tv so we can play movies on it...and I needed some napkins and advent calendars from the dollar he took Sam, and I got DJ...he found us in the dollar store and then took both kids back to the truck while I checked out.  Then home for lunch which was left overs. Hot turkey sandwiches rock!!!!! Smothered in gravy! YUM!!! Then we got busy puttering. The goal was to get the tree in the house! And all totes of decorations...which were only 3, but I still feel like I'm missing things.

Once the tree was situated, I couldn't wait to get started....and y'know, I think I'm more than willing to pay someone to put the lights on!!! What  tedious job!! This year I topped last year's count by 200 lights!! For a grand total of 1000 lights on the tree!!!! It IS our biggest tree yet!! Oh and so twinkly!!! The kids were no help! Trust me! I didn't even bother decorating it til the kids were in bed. Who needs that headache!!

Once they were down tho, I was decorating!!! All kinds of purple and gold...and tonnes of others too!! Didn't do the really heavy ones as this type of tree (Grand) isn't made for them. And they'd have to be up at the top, and that's where I put the specialty ones. It sure does look good tho!!! Even the stockings are hung on the fireplace...and the santa calendar is ready to go for Wednesday! And the card wreath is hung up! Like I said, its beginning to look like Christmas!!! Smells like Christmas too!!! The tree is heavenly!!! Remind me tho to wash the tree skirt after this year as I found cat puke from last year...oy!

After Howie went to bed I watched Amazing Race and then the Hallmark movie of the season!! November Christmas...such a heartwarming story! Had me bawling at the end!!! I love sappy Christmas movies!!! Have a bunch in dvr already too just so I can watch 'em whenever I want to!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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