Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm a winner with Avon!!!

Well SamSam has definitely got something happening nasally, poor girl! But it seems to only bug her in the morning...once she's blown her nose a few times she's good. I think even DJ is starting to suffer, he was up about 12:30 to pee, and then I found him clung to me at 2, so I put him back in bed, he was NOT pleased! And before I knew it I woke up as Howie was getting ready for work and I found DJ once again at my back! Moved him over and next thing I know he's awake for the day at 7! Samantha followed suit at 7:30 with her snotty self!

After breakfast they played for a bit and then got bathed. Samantha has really grown in terms of accepting her hair washings. Its actually kinda nice! There's no more screaming!! In fact, she asks me if she can dunk her head before I wash it...such a HUGE change from a month ago!! DJ still insists he's little fish boy! Correction: he's a shark! We sure do have some funny conversations!

Lunch was uneventful...which is always a good thing! And come to think of it, it was ketchup free too!!  After, DJ very sweetly asked me to call next door and ask if K could come over to play. So I obliged and had 3 happy kids for a while!! And a louder/messier house! K went home and the 3 of us snuggled in the chair and watched Veggie Tales. Which TOTALLY explains where DJ has come up with "Hey! What's the big idea?" and totally cracks me up! He uses it perfectly in context too!

After Howie got home from work and changed, I got ready for my meeting. I was picking up Rep #6 at Albertsons and she was riding with me! We had a great chat the whole way there and even arrived a few minutes early! Rep #8 met us it was good to have both come out! It was also nice to get recognized for all my new recruits!! Even got a little bling for my hard work!

As we were in the meeting, Rep #6 got a text from the mom of one of the girls she nanny's for, and got told she cut her hair...crew cut short...and she had such gorgeous brunette hair that was nice and long for a 5 year old. I simply dread this happening to SamSam!! Terrifies me really! The whole drive home was interesting conversation!

Howie was still up when I got home, but went to bed within minutes. I got comfy and watched an amazing Glee!! Oh how I love this show!! But, if you know me, you already know that!! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!
P.S. if you wanna become Rep #9, please, let me know! :)

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