Saturday, November 13, 2010

I am armed!!!

But not least I don't think I am!! I could be wrong...but usually, I'm not...wrong that is...ha! 

This morning I got to sleep in a bit...Howie got up with the kids and I curled up under the warm blankets and dozed back...didn't hear a peep til he came in at 9 to get ready for work...and I got up and made us breakfast. Which the kids happily helped me eat! Thieves! Howie left for work and the kids got dressed.We headed in to town as I had a follow up appointment with Rep #6. She's doing good and has her first two orders entered!! So I showed her around the website and answered any questions she had! The kids all played well! Before we left I borrowed 11 movies from her...she's got over 500 of them, easily! So, I am armed with hours of entertainment!!!! When we got home DJ went to find K to play with and found him! Sam joined, but didn't actually play with them...she did her own thing...which was kinda fun to watch her do actually! Then she came back in and wanted to sit in the chair with I obliged! She's a good snuggler!

Lunch was indoor and outdoor...not a picnic, but out on the front porch....a playing lunch I guess you'd call it. Fine by me! I enjoyed my soup and croissant at the table in peace with a magazine!! That hasn't happened often since the weather turned. Once they were done eating lunch they kept on playing. The sun was shining so they were playing!! Before I knew it tho, both were back in the house watchin tv as the neighbours went they took turns snuggling on the couch with me while we watched Phineas & Ferb. Their songs have GOT to stop being so catchy!!!!

About 4 I started trying to figure out what to do for dinner....such a struggle when you can't bbq!!! And trust me, I can NOT bbq!!! Samantha wanted macaroni...but we didn't have any, so I compromised and did rotini with the left over sketti sauce! DJ was NOT pleased with me at all and put up such a fight!! He wanted cheese, and apple and some bread. HA! Not what was offered! In the end, he ate all his sketti!  After dinner I grabbed a shower, so I put Veggietales movie on for the kids. Worked for 5 minutes, if that!  I got a load of laundry put away before DJ was in the bedroom saying "ha ha, I found you!" Like I was hiding! I have yet to find the place in this house where I can truly hide from my monsters kids!

After my shower I got the kids in their pj's and decided to let them finish watching their movie...I got busy making caramel corn for Howie...since I seem to have taken over the kitty litter duties with it being upstairs now, I haven't made any for a couple months! And I do need to start thinking about Christmas!! Once that was done and cooling I finally sat down to watch some tv for myself! Started with Wednesday's Good Wife, which was good, of course! Micheal J Fox is phenomenal as always! It was hard to know if he was acting or being real with the symptoms. Then I watched The Mentalist from last nite, which was equally good!

Jake's team had another game in the playoffs tonite, but since it was all the way down in Lakewood, about 2 hours south of here, I knew I wasn't going! Howie went tho and so did his dad and sister! I got half time updates and then nothing...seems his phone died! But I did find out on facebook from one of the players sister's update! They lost, 49-21 I believe is what I heard. Howie still isn't home as there's something going on on SR522, and he sat there for 45 mins not moving before turning around....should be home soon tho. In the meantime I'm gonna go watch Blue Bloods and knit! Tonite I started MY scarf!! Can't wait!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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