Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vocabulary Gems

This morning we finally got to leave the house!!! Its only been since Sunday!! The main goal was to get the propane tank filled for bbq'ing tomorrow...and to fill up the neighbours's tank we filled that we borrowed a couple weeks ago. Thank God they had a spare! :)

First stop was to rep #6's house to drop off some extra books to her...then to another customer's house to drop off an order...but we made a pit stop to the library first. Checked out a couple new books and a few Christmas cd's for the kids to have in their rooms at bed time. DJ has Jewel and Sam has this Martha Stewart collection thingy...they're both happy! I was looking for more kid type music, but couldn't find any. I know the Chipmunks have a cd out and so does the Muppets....but no luck!

Then we went to Fred Meyer where we picked up some last minute things for tomorrow's dinner and spent more time in line waiting to check out than picking up said items! That's what happens the day before a holiday!! On the way to Freddy's, I realized I'd forgotten the dang tanks!!! UGH!!! So we finished our route, and dropped off books to Goodwill...then drove thru the bank...then stopped at the salon I used to deal with that's now up and running with new owners (the stylists from previous shop banded together!) and then home! But only home to eat and head out again!

Before we left tho, DJ begged me to read the books we just got...and since I don't do bed time story time, I figured why not! So we read all 5 of them and I had happy kids! Back in the truck we went with the frozen tanks...I think I suffered frostbite just picking them up!!! Didn't take long to get back down our slippery hill...which was sanded and actually not bad at all! Over to the co-op and wait in line for tank fillage. The guy filling the tank admired my near earrings and was excited to get an Avon book...a first for me!! Then when I went in to pay for the propane, the gal I usually deal with was all over my earrings asking if they were QVC (as if!) and so I handed her a book too!! I have to say, when I ordered 70 books, I wasn't sure I'd be able to hand 'em all out...I am NOT having trouble!!!

After the co-op we went to the consignment shop to see if they had a pair of snow pants for DJ...the ones from last year are too small...and he says they hurt when he bends down. So considering I'd like them to be handed down to Sam, a new pair were in order! Found a pair right away and made him try them on...he was pleased!! Then I asked if I had a credit with the stuff I brought in last month, and sure enough, I did! So I went hunting for boots for Sam...her rubber boots are just not gonna cut it! Found a pair and she hated them...but they fit and were the only pair in her size, so we got them. By the time we got home, she was excited for them!

We barely beat Howie home and I was on top of getting dinner going! Chili sounded perfect!!!! It was perfect too!!! Very yummy!! Kids had nuggets and noodles! Then we played around for a bit...and I ended up sorting thru Sam's clothes that she's out grown to pass some of them on. Discovered a 3T puffer coat in her closet and made her try it on...she hated it (do you see a pattern here?) and then found the princess slippers my mom gave her a couple years ago...they're a size 9 and she's almost an 8, so we tried them on. They're also a heel, so it was funny to watch her walk in them! But, she forgot about hating the coat...and its now hanging in the front hall. :)

Her vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds! I still struggle sometimes with what she's saying, but DJ's  great translator! Today as we were driving around, they were watching Barney' sing along video...and she did just that!! O M G it was the cutest thing ever!!!! AND she was doing the hand motions to go with the songs!! SO AWESOME!!! And her new favourite thing to say..."yeah...I know" with the pause and everything! It used to be "alright" and now we've moved to "Yeah,....I know" noooooooooooooooooo!!!! This wasn't supposed to happen for a while yet!!!

While I was watching tv, I heard her cry out about 11:30 so I went to check on her and she was whimpering in her room...I open the the door and discover her right there on the the door more and see why...she'd thrown up her dinner. So I rushed her to the bathroom if there was to be any more....and got her cleaned up and her hair pulled back. Then we sat for an hour in my chair...she took some Tylenol and drank some juice...but nothing else came up and her fever started subsiding. Then she asked to go back to we discussed about where the puke should go...hopefully there won't be anymore!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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