Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I knew there was a reason

I don't keep candy in the house!!! UGH!!!!! From the get go this morning (which was later than normal due to last nite's excitement) all I heard about was candy candy candy!!! So, I told them both they had to behave to get some...that lesson didn't sink in...unfortunately! In the end they each got one piece of candy for the whole day...coulda been more....

After breakfast we headed out to my g/f Anneke's house as it was my turn for a haircut AND colour!!! Even got my eyebrows did!! LOVE all that pampering! I especially love it when someone washes my hair...I could easily be coerced into something I'd otherwise say no to! I could easily fall asleep too!! Dang!!! Scalp massage is VERY relaxing!!! She also used this deep conditioner that is TO DIE FOR!!!!! O M G it was like laying in a lavender field in a warm summer's day!!! HEAVEN!!! I can still smell it now when I bring my shortened hair forward. I got a new style...the inverted bob...but not severe! Real subtle...just enough that when I tuck my hair behind my ears (a constant habit) its all evenly matched. The colour...looks freakin AMAZING! I'd forgotten how nice it looks when it doesn't come from a box! Perfect morning!!

We went home for lunch and then packed up again to go do the book run for the shed..this time I didn't get too many books as they were mostly star trek or star wars books...not my cup o' tea! When I got them all loaded we headed to the library and then Goodwill...then home! We were home snuggling watching tv when Howie got home...and then the wrestling began!! OH and Samantha now thinks its just fine and dandy to take her clothes off to sit on the potty! It is Sam's potty don'tcha know! Funny and yet not at the same time! At least when I get the time to train her, she'll want to sit on it!

After dinner I tidied up while the kids went viral...I swear, food just makes them go crazy!!! DJ got a time out that ultimately led to bed time...but they both needed it! So after brushing teeth, and saying prayers, off they went to dreamland! I then grabbed a shower (but not my lavender hair!) and watched tv with Howie til he went to bed. I even sewed DJ's latest badge for Awana on his vest...he was so excited I was doing that for him!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. I don't keep candy because I'll EAT it. LOL!

    Too funny she likes to potty au naturele and I bet your hair looks great! I love that being pampered stuff too.

    I'm alawys amazed at all you get done. :-)


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