Sunday, November 28, 2010

Third farm is a charm!

This morning dawned early...DJ was up before 7! Thankfully Howie was already up for the day so I snuggled down for a couple more hours of sleep! Just wonderful!

By 9:30 I was dressed and waiting for Jake to arrive! Today was tree day!!! And since he didn't have to work today, he was joining us on our adventure. The kids were anxious too! Samantha was already dressed, but DJ said he wanted to stay in his jammies all day. So I let him be! About 10:30 Howie went for a nap and the kids and I watched some tv snuggled on the couch. Til lunch time that is...then I become a short order cook on the weekends with everyone wanting something different. But we all had lunch and then got ready to leave!

We decided to stay more local and try a new place closer to home. Turns out their prices were too steep for our liking! So we packed it up and went somewhere else we'd seen a sign for. Got there and they were a bit cheaper, but not much. And they didn't have the type of tree I wanted. But we did enjoy their Troll Trail, well, everyone but Samantha that is. She started becoming a bit of a pill at this place. It didn't help that Jake was torturing her either!! Funny, but she just got whinier! Not funny!

Since it was almost 3, Howie didn't want to go to the place we usually go to, and decided we'd just go home and try somewhere else tomorrow. On the way out he went the wrong way but it took a couple miles to figure it out. At which point we saw more signs for another place and boom we were at it! Instead of us all getting out, Howie got out to get prices since that was one of the main points. He then came back and shut the truck off. All the trees were 30.00 and the type of tree I wanted (Douglas Fir) was FREE!! My kinda price!!! But Howie said no as they were untrimmed and scraggly looking. So we wandered around, this time with Jake torturing DJ.
We did finally find THE tree! Howie cut it down and he and Jake hauled it to the truck and loaded it up. The kids and I sat by the fire and warmed up a bit. There was a boy about the same age as Samantha who had on the same boots as her and so he came over to say hi to her. It was cute!!

We headed home and realized where Howie made the wrong turn. Or should we say, the right turn. As it all did work out quite perfectly really! We got home and Samantha had fallen asleep. Perfect timing! NOT! Howie brought her in and she and I snuggled for a bit. She woke up coming in the house and thankfully stayed awake and was happy.

Jake stayed for dinner, but took off soon after. Which worked out good as I was about to bathe the kids anyways. Then they went straight to bed...easily too! I then gave Howie a haircut...he's been asking for a couple weeks now. Then I headed over to the shed as the run was massive!! Got some good eats too!!

Finally I got to park my butt for the nite after putting the food away. Howie went to bed at 10 and I watched a Christmas movie on Hallmark! I love Christmas movies!! Got a lot of knitting done too! Now I'm yawning too much...

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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