Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I may not have a job but...

Some Mondays are just as miserable as the Mondays working people complain about. I'd really like to know who got the extra hour of sleep!?!?! I sure haven't felt it! I woke up when Howie went to work, and then when DJ joined me...and then when SamSam woke up! They were a tad on the relentless side and less on the snuggle Mummy side! So we got up and had breakfast. DJ's been on a "yogret" kick and that's what he wanted to eat. I asked what else he wanted with it and cereal was decided on. Both of them had it in fact! Been a LONG time since they've had cereal.

After breakfast they were slow to get out of the pj's...fine by me! DJ was also in fine sassy form! His attitude stunk!! About 11:30 we laid on the couch to snuggle and watch Imagination Movers and he fell asleep! Shocked me! It took K coming over about 12:45 to wake him up!! At which point, I had my loving boy back! They ate lunch while K waited and then they were off to play! Since it wasn't rainin, they even went outside for a bit...til DJ took a shovel to his face accidentally! He got a fat lip and survived.

They came in and I put on a movie while I showered. Thank you Tinkerbell!! Howie came home just as the kids found me...musta been a commercial! I came out and snuggled the babes before I headed to Lynnwood for a Leadership meeting...it was perfectly small too...are of us to the one dsm, so we got a lot of face time and talk time! Even got some pizza! While sitting there, I see my oldest client walk by (its her birthday today) and then her daughter walked by (also my client) so I said "hi!" Then when the meeting was over I went and sat with them for a few minutes. I had one more stop before heading home, and then took one slight detour...to Old Navy!! I've had a gift card for there for a while now, and since it was way earlier than I thought I'd be, AND I had no kids! It was a no brainer! In I went! I don't usually look at regular priced stuff, so I headed straight to the clearance. Can I just say, most of what they have is SO thin its insane!! I did find a polo shirt (nice and thick) for me, and a t-shirt and fleece vest for DJ! After my 10.00 gift card, it cost 2.52! Not too shabby if I say so myself!

I got home shortly after 9 and Howie was already in bed, so it tucked him in, got his lunch and coffee ready and settled in to knit! I'm a couple inches shy of finishing a blanket I'm making...SO frustrating when two skeins of yarn don't match up! Guess I'm adding a stop to Joann's this week...oh darn! Or is that, oh yarn! Haha ok the lack of sleep is gettin to me!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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