Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

With no more wake ups thru the nite from SamSam, they were both up just after 7! Ugh! Howie got up with them and I got all of a half hour lay in as he was off to go pick up the turkey from Ellen's house. It was snowing so he didn't want to wait. Samantha was still fevered but was slowly taking in juice. I could care less about the food, but fluids are important!

After breakfast we snuggled and watched tv and waited for Howie to return. He did at 9:45ish! Took that long thanks to the roads. In fact, he couldn't get up our road to our driveway, so he parked in front of the neighbour's house and walked the turkey home. Not on a leash mind was already dead ;)
When Howie finished eating we got busy cleaning. I'd done quite a bit last nite, so today was pick up and vacuuming. While Howie vacuumed I cleaned the kitchen and got the dishes going. Even got the microwave cleaned! Not a fun chore!

About noon we got to working on the bird! While Howie molested the bird separating the skin from the bird, I made the butter mix for it. It was quite a funny time really!! Poor bird! Got it stuffed with oranges and on the bbq by 12:30. Not too shabby!

DJ and I had lunch and Samantha just sat on. Poor thing! Howie cleaned the snow off the steps and driveway in preparation of vehicles. Love that the truck is now in the garage!!  As I was getting things ready for the table, I discovered the can of cranberry sauce was 5 yrs expired! Yikes!! So I called Rick and had him stop off for a few things...onion and gravy...gravy just in case mine didn't work. I've never made gravy before and was nervous.

Seems I shouldn't have been!! The gravy was awesome!!! All of it was awesome!!! Just before dinner Samantha took a nap and woke up fever free!! Even ate a bun for dinner and downed an entire sippy cup of juice! Even ate some whipped cream from my pie! DJ was SO excited for dessert and finally getting some "cake" that he's been begging for for two days! Ellen made a mincemeat pie, so both Howie's were happy!! Never knew my Howie liked it! After dessert everyone cleared out and it was just us! Got the kids in their pj's and we relaxed for a bit. They both went down easy too! In fact, I dozed off with DJ for a bit! I blame it on the turkey!! ;)

Now, I have a clean kitchen thanks to all the help I got from Rick! Huge help really!! And I'm watching a corny Christmas movie...debating about putting on one of my borrowed movies and snuggling under a blanket!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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