Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is it bad

That people think spending 6 hours to do grocery shopping is bad...even my mom thought so! Ha! And she's gone with me! To be fair tho, its 45 mins to costco, get gas, go grocery shopping, have lunch and head back to Monroe, another 45 mins! That trip right there is 3 hours!! Then another hour and change at Freddy's! A trip thru the drive thru bank, and then the dollar store and which point the kids are gettin punchy, so bribes start flyin! One last stop by the shed before we head home and all that adds up to 6 hours! OH and we stopped to watch a "Scoop" working...didn't find Bob tho...we did look!

So, funny thing happened on the way to costco...the kids were buckled in, I hadn't even started the truck, DJ informs me that he's Woody, and Samantha pipes up and says she's "Jeddie" (those darn esses!) and that I'm Buzz. (Daddy is Prospector!) Then I hear DJ say "Don't worry Jessie, Andy's got enough room in his heart for you too"

At which point I stifled my laughter!! Think they've been watchin too much Toy Story 2?? Nahhh But, when we walked in to costco, the first thing they see is Toy Story 3 playing on the first visible over priced HD tv we see. So we stopped for a few minutes to watch, and they were both enthralled! Another mom with two kids stopped too...they should put a play pen area up!! My kids wouldn't move!! Then we roll past the display of TS3 videos for sale...and then books, toys, bikes, you name it! They're EVERYWHERE!!!! We've been invaded I tell you!!

When we got home, the kids stayed outside to play for a bit since it hadn't started raining. K was eating so they came inside...when he got done he came over here. Then they all tamped outside...unbeknownst to me, BAREFOOT!! When DJ came in to pee, he left muddy footprints everywhere! Ugh! I was just about done getting breakfast, I mean, dinner on the table so I called Samantha in too! After dinner we washed both sets of feet up! I got them both in bed by 8:20 and they were sound asleep when I checked in 10 mins later!

Howie got home just after 8:30 and ate something. I was in the middle of making 4 dozen cookies for Jake's football game tomorrow. And I'm not the only one either! We watched a bit of tv together...Friday nite's really lack! I did watch Blue Bloods, and I'm liking it more! I swear Tom Selleck hasn't aged!! Then the dvr took over and I watched The Mentalist. Now, its beddy bye time!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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