Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No use cryin over...

Spilled Pepsi....but trust me, I wanted to!!!!

This morning SamSam woke up all snotty...and not in the prissy way, in the she had snot all over her face way!! She wasn't too happy about it either!! Went and got a wipe and let me clean her off and then she climbed in bed with me...DJ was already there! We snuggled for a little bit and discussed what we were going to do today and then got up and had breakfast.

After breakfast we took it easy...sorta...I put all the dishes away and got it re-loaded and ready to go after lunch dishes were added. Then watched tv with the kids...they chose Tinkerbell, which I actually watched with them and learned that its Tinker Bell...Bell is her name and she's in the Tinker clan/family/tribe/whatever you call it. Learned something new! Either way the kids were happy. I think DJ chose the movie...we're really into the "its MY turn to choose" stage of things! SO fun!!!! *said sarcastically!*

After lunch we got ready to head over to the shed to do books...they've finally settled on one day for the book run, which means Mondays are now my day to go get them! Today was a light day...I had 4 boxes of books in total! Even tho it was half the time, Samantha still fell asleep in the truck!! And stayed that way long after we got home too! I finally woke her up at 10 to 4 as that was more than enough of a nap! When she woke, she wasn't too happy with me, so when we got inside I got her boots and coat off and then snuggled with her in the chair...and DJ joined us. That's how Howie found us when he came home from work. They were so content they didn't bother him when he went to change out of work clothes....which is a first!!

Before dinner I went and grabbed a shower since it was an easy dinner...and I had plans for after dinner. Sloppy Joes were on the menu...not my favourite at all! But they are Howie's and they are easy to make! Throw in some tater tots and everyone's happy! As I was dishing it up Howie was getting the table set and our drinks ready...DJ decided he didn't want sweet/sour sauce with his nuggets, he wanted Ranch...and got it out of the fridge and took it to the table....and knocked over my entire glass of pop! Yeah....not a fun chore to clean up! You see, I'd just this afternoon made up the Christmas card list for the year, and even pulled out the extras from last year to do up...and they were on the table...not any more they were a sopping mess in the sink.....and cue the crying! No, not really, but I wanted to!!

After dinner I got to work on my Avon email to my customers and then went to sit in my chair...which was covered in all the kids' stuffies....which were loaded back up in the laundry basket and dragged back to Sam's room...I swear, if she gets one teddy bear this year for Christmas, she's losing 10 of them! There's far too many of them! How does this happen!?!?!?! So they were told to put them back....10 minutes later, I go to check on the progress...and they're all piled up on her bed and all the books are piled under the rocking chair and she's back there 'reading'....oy!!! So they were told to put them away and that it was time for bed. Finally!

Once they were tucked in Howie and I sat down to watch HIMYM...which was good! Quite funny actually!! At the same time, sad how they categorize Canadians and their traditions...at least the mockery was so far fetched it was funny! Howie went to bed after that, he struggled last nite with the lack of tobacco...so here's hoping he sleeps really good tonite! Meanwhile, I kept on watchin tv just knittin away...and actually finished my scarf!!! I can't wait to wear it...wait, yes I can!!!! ha! Oh the wind tonite was horrendously loud!!!! Knocking things around all over the place!! At one point it sounded like a siren outside the window. Even Snickers was afraid!! I saw only one brilliant flash of lightning and then nothing. Eerie!

Now, I'm sittin here listening to the radio...the Christmas station!! Oh I can't wait to decorate for Christmas!! Just gotta wait for Thanksgiving first!!! I'm chomping at the bit this year!!! Both kids will be fun to watch with the wonderment of it all!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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