Saturday, November 20, 2010

A little bit of Christmas

I had the wonderful pleasure of sleeping in...and the kids didn't wake up til 8! Go figure! It didn't stop me from enjoying the whole bed to myself for another hour!! Heavenly...especially when I wake up at o'dark thirty and find DJ huddled at my back! He woke up last nite at 2:30 begging to come to bed with us...but I flat out refused...took me 10 minutes to calm him down enough to go back to sleep! Rascal!!

Howie was running late this morning, so he didn't have breakfast with me, and headed to work...he wanted to stop at his fave place on the way to work to get some fishing gear! I know better!! ha! After having the "you're not wearing a dress today" fight with Samantha I got down to business of making the grocery list. No easy task when I have to include Thanksgiving trimmings!! I'm actually excited! Knowing the turkey is not MY responsibility is huge!!! LOVE that!

Since costco wasn't on the list for today, we waited til after lunch to head out to Freddy's...which gave DJ time to play outside with the boys in the morning. Sam and I snuggled on the couch watching Dora...Caillou was broken!! Whew! When he did come in, he was chilly!!!

It wasn't til after 3 that we finally headed in to town...listening to Christmas music!! The kids weren't happy with my choice, they wanted Veggie Tales...but I won! Dropped them off at Play Land and off I went in a whirlwind to do my shopping. Remind me next time to re-write the list so similar things are grouped together and easier to find...and also, remind me next time that if I get a cart that lists to the left, to immediately change it!! Man, that was difficult!!

Picked the kids up and we headed to the next stop....where I picked up my Christmas cards for the year!! Step one complete!!! Of course, the kids are all about the get-me's in the store...they do pretty good was pouring down rain as we left the store and headed home. One stop off at the shed meant we were having pizza for dinner! Kids were happy! lol

When we got home I let the kids keep watching their movie (I caved on the way home...) as I unloaded groceries. Well...DJ can now undo the big buckle on his car seat (been waiting for this trick) and so he was loose in the truck...and took the key out of the ignition and dropped it!!!! Its so dark out, that there's no way I'll find it! Good thing we live in the boonies eh? Got them inside and dinner in the oven and Samantha started freakin out that she didn't want dinner she just wanted chocolate milk...I'd gotten more choc syrup and she knew we had words about that and finally she calmed down. She even had an apple juice after the choc milk, so I'll be changing a diaper before I go to bed!!! I know better!!

After dinner we snuggled in my chair and started watching Tinkerbell again...shortly after 8 we got down to the bed time business...instead of books, the kids wanted me to sing Christmas songs to them...Rudolph and Jingle Bells...they danced and sang along (well, kinda) and it was fun!! They both went down easy with DJ only getting up once. I grabbed all the cards and got to work filling them out!! Got all but 10 done too when Jasper decided he was tired of waiting for my lap to be free and just plopped down on everything! Howie was home by then and we watched Dane Cook do some stand up and then he went to bed. I watched the Mentalist and just enjoyed kitty loves!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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