Friday, November 5, 2010

We're finally enjoying

Spring   Summer Fall with temps that are quite something! We've had better weather these past two days that most days this past summer!!! Sad really! We're enjoying it tho!!!

This morning after breakfast was eaten I got to work on submitting my Avon order before noon....and the kids got to work making more clean up work for me later....they were busy playing on the deck, and had both Samantha's blankets and their pillows, and a bunch of wheeled toys to send flying down the back of the Adirondack chair...cute...

They even had a picnic outside since it was so gorgeous out! After lunch, they were back out there digging in the dirt having fun....and I got busy with laundry and dishes. Altho, lookin at the kitchen, you'd never know! HA! About 4 they kids came back in and they were FILTHY!!!! Better than muddy, but I did make them take their pants off so I could put them in the load I was starting. Being Evanoff babies, they LOVED getting to be half nekkid running around!! HA!

Howie got home a wee bit late thanks to an accident on Hwy 2, and he took the scenic route home instead. In the end he was only about 10 mins late! Dinner was sketti...which still feels odd to have on a Thursday nite for whatever  Just gotta get my brain around it all. In any case, Howie, SamSam and I were all done by 6:30 while Mr. FartAround had had two bites if that....he doesn't like the "strawberries" I put in the sauce...even tho I tell him its we picked them out, and he finally ate, but still took a half hour to do so....which didn't put me in a good mood to want to bathe they played instead! Howie was busy fixing the tv system so I can watch movies again...and he succeeded!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Too bad I don't have a movie nite planned til next weekend....we've got football this weekend! :)

Once kids were in bed I got working on the grocery list while Howie chatted with is bud on the phone...then we watched Big Bang Theory together and he went to bed. I got nice and comfy and hit play on Grey's. Which was good...not riveting for November sweeps, but still good! I am SHOCKED Cristina quit tho!!!!  And then Private Practice....WOW was that biteyournailsattheedgeofyourseat good!!! The gal who plays Charlotte is one phenomenal actress!!! I kept hoping throughout the guy Sheldon was with wasn't THE guy...but damn! It'll be interesting to see how her character changes with this now...God bless any woman who has endured that!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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