Sunday, November 21, 2010

3rd time's a charm

This morning was glorious!! Howie got up with the kids again and this time it was almost 10 by the time I rolled out of bed!! So wonderful!!

The kids were already fed so I got them dressed...I swear Samantha hates pants!! She fought me about wearing a dress, again! And she remembered I'd said that today she could, but that wasn't til later on, finally she listened to me and got dressed. DJ was easy as Howie was already outside, and the neighbours were he was dressed and outside lickety split!  After I ate breakfast, SamSam and I left for costco to finish up the shopping. While there we had a mini lunch of sorts...Saturdays are fantastic for sampling!! At least Samantha thought so!

We got home shortly after 1 and made a real lunch for everyone, except DJ who was too busy playing,  after putting the food away. Then Howie went for a nap and Samantha and I hung out. About 3:30 DJ came in the house disguised as a stink bomb!! Oh he smelled so smoky from the piles of burning leaves and of dirt! It was right then I decided to bathe both of them! While I was doing that, Howie showered. Then it was my turn and then we were out the door for church and their Thanksgiving dinner.
We made one stop on the way...for chew :( after 10 days of none, Howie conceded defeat! He promises he'll do better next time....

Dinner was fantastic!! And the kids did great! DJ ate about 3 buns and brought 3 home. They both had fun making bead necklaces and running around with the other kids. Samantha even got brave and went up on stage just for fun! We left just about 8:30 and stopped to get a movie for tonite. Got the kids in bed and settled in to watch Killers. Which was a no-go as the disc was unreadable...GRRRR!! If you recall, I rented this very movie a month ago and we were having connectivity issues. So instead I watched Time Travelers Wife. Howie didn't want to see that one, so he went to bed. I have to say, its an odd movie! I had no clue what to expect, and certainly didn't expect to cry at the end!! Good movie tho! And I wanna read the book now! It is always better! Then, for shits n giggles, I tried Killers again, after wiping some crap off it, and it worked!!! Just as I was getting it started, Howie came out of no where! He was having trouble sleeping, so he watched it with me. It was cute! Now its done and so am I!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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