Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 new inductees!!!!!!!

This morning they finally slept til 8!!! What a treat! NOW I feel like I got that extra hour I was supposed to get when the time changed! By 8:30 they were back in snuggling with me asking what our day held...and I reminded them they were going to the dentist!! Both became excited!!
After breakfast we got dressed...and Samantha's penchant for dresses continues...but I did manage to get a pair of pants on keep her warm more than anything. Thankfully I made the appt for 11am...plenty of time to "fight" if need be about gettin out the door! It was all for naught tho...and we made it with a couple minutes to spare!!

I had the pleasant task of filling out the patient forms for both, while they dove into the toy box! Pretty much as soon as I was done, the kids were being called back! Samantha first and then DJ. While they were off, I spoke with the receptionist about Avon, and asked if I could leave some books in the waiting area. Just as I sat down to get comfy I was being asked to come soothe SamSam...she was wigging out a bit. I got her calmed down and the hygienist showed her all the neat tools...let her pick out a new toothbrush...moved the chair up and down and back and forth...and looked at her teeth. She did awesome!!  Then we waited for Dr Travis to come in. He chatted with her (he's got a little girl who's 2 months younger) and then counted her teeth...she did fabulous!! No tears! And no cavities! Then I brushed her teeth with the fluoride stuff and we were done!

Meanwhile, Mr DJ did incredible!! Beyond my wildest expectations!! He did so well, she was able to clean his teeth, use the water sprayer, and spit sucker (yes, there's gotta be a better word for it, I'm sure) AND do x-rays!! That in itself amazes me!!! Then he got a fluoride treatment and a bag full of the same goodies SamSam got! I seriously could NOT have asked for a better first dentist visit!! He told me Dr Travis was nice and told him he needs to brush his teeth in the morning too...oy! They had their picture taken for the No Cavity Club!! SO proud I am!!

We headed home for lunch with a few stops before. We delivered the books from the run, and then did a deposit at the bank, and a special stop at a shop I've been dying to go into...Sweet Indulgence...a candy shop! I told the kids they could pick out one thing...DJ chose sour fruit balls and Samantha chose gummy butterflies...I chose a mix bag of caramels which will be going into my stocking :)
Then we went to Ben's and I let the kids pick out a colour of yarn for new hats and scarves...Samantha picked pink, and DJ picked red again.  THEN we headed home for lunch! Since the 30 minute wait was up for the fluoride, we got right to lunch! With a taste of the candy after (I put mine away!) which was yummy!! We tried callin for K to come play, but he wasn't home. So they played together and I did some Avon follow ups.

Howie was home before I knew it and dinner was under way!! It was an Awana nite, so we ate early...DJ was doing SO well til he dropped his bowl with maybe 7 bites was an accident the dog enjoyed!
I'm gettin GOOD at knowing my kids now!! I only messed up on one girl's name...not too shabby I'd say!! DJ did awesome in his class and got a treasure for good behaviour! I want that kid at home please!!! On our way home we did the bed time routine and listened to Christmas music.

Once DJ was in bed, Howie followed suit and I got busy knitting up Samantha's hat...I'm just about done, but my knuckles started paining. Survivor was gooooood!!!! SO glad Brenda is gone!! Sad they lost everything in a fire...especially the foodstuffs!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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