Sunday, November 7, 2010

Playoff Season

Has begun!!! For high school football that is...

This morning I had the extreme pleasure of sleeping in....mind you, I woke up at 6 with a kid glued to my I moved him to the middle, got up to pee, and then back in bed. Sam got up shortly after 8 and both Howie and DJ joined her...and I got to stay in bed til just after 10...SWEET!!!!!!!! I got up and made breakfast for Howie and I, the kids had already eaten...and I made a deal with Howie, I made breakfast and he helped me with the book run :) I won on that one!!!

Shortly after 11 we all headed out to the the kids watching Toy Story 2 and we got busy with books. There were quite a few! It sure is nice to have the extra hands, not to mention muscles!! We dropped off at Goodwill and then the library...and then took a slight detour so Howie could check out the park we drove by. Well...what a great learning detour! He saw this sign for "Wiggly Park" and followed it...turns out its this amazing dog park!!! They have all kind of climbing structures for the dogs, tubes to run thru, and a big grassy area perfect for a chuck-it!!! DJ says from the back seat "We should bring our dog Snickers here, she'd LOVE it!" ha so cute!

We came home and the kids had lunch...I had a half lunch knowing that dinner was going to be early....and then we all just hung out. Howie tried working on the new tv and got picture it...but we were both bummed that it doesn't have closed captioning...and I don't think I could watch regular tv ever it'll become the downstairs tv. I even managed to catch a cat nap on the couch...between being attacked by giggling children!

While Howie grabbed a shower I got our dinner going...left over sketti with fresh noodles...well, Samantha decided she wanted that instead of pizza with Michaela...and even decided she wanted to eat it NOW instead of later! So cute! She grabbed a spoon out of the drawer and carried her bowl to the table. Howie helped her eat while I went and had a shower. He left first to get there early and I waited for Michaela to come...we had to take two vehicles as he had to go in to work after the football game to change the master clock for tonite's time change.

Tonite's game we played against Bonney Lake which is an hour south of us...and I must say, our guys were in good form! The entire game was like a tug of war! Until the last 6 minutes of the game where we pulled two (TWO) touchdowns out of nowhere!!! Final score was 41-28....what a victory!! They played great in the pouring rain too! Thankfully it wasn't too cold, but the rain didn't help! I wore too many layers...long johns, turtle neck and then clothes WITH a jacket...too much!! But I'd rather be warm!  I did get all the Avon books handed out that I'd brought with me too!! And showed off my Flip video camera!!!

The walking and standing in the rain soaked my pant bottoms....I felt like Sam and DJ when I got home with pants wet half way up the calf! Sheesh!!! I paid Michaela and the moment she closed the door took the pants off! Not only were they cold from the wet, they were heavy!! lol  I got comfy in my chair and waited for Howie to get home...and watched was a repeat, but had Jane Lynch from Glee on it. Tonite was good...she's a great character actress!! And the band tonite, was someone I'd never even heard of...Bruno Mars...and I gotta say, I'm a fan!!! Howie, notsomuch! lol He went to bed! Now I'm off to join the sleeping!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!


  1. I'm with Howie on Bruno. I watched last night too, Loved jane Lynch, but thought Bruno sounded like a not-quite-making-it Frankie Avalon wannabe. I know you arent old enough to remember Frankie, but he was a teenie bopper heart throb, even a tad before MY time, although I do remember him, from when I was verrrrry young lol Didnt do anything for me then, still doesnt.

  2. I love Bruno Mars. The song "The way you are" is the one Robert made me listen too a few months back!


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