Monday, November 22, 2010

Best way to wake up

Was Samantha coming in the room saying "it no-ing Mummy!!" as she was over excited about the snow falling and what was on the ground!! Our first snow for the sure is cold enough! As I type this, it's 29 degrees...and supposed to get down to 17 over nite...brrrrrrrr that's COLD!!! Howie got up at 8 when the kids did and I lazed in bed til just after 9 enjoying the warmth of the comforter!

When I did get up, I got dressed for church and then dressed the kids...Samantha in a dress no less...a Dora one even!! We were out the door after 10 and admiring all the whiteness on the way to beautiful!!! DJ fell asleep again in church and slept for about a half hour...I wonder if I should take him to an ENT for his snoring...its really loud for a 4 year old!!! 

Once we got home DJ was chomping at the bit to play as soon as lunch was done, both he and Howie were dressing for the weather...DJ to play in it and Howie to fish in it! Which left Sam and I in the house...I asked her if she wanted to take a nap, and she said no! Brat! So we watched Caillou and Dora instead! DJ came in when the neighbours went in their house...and thawed out on the couch under a blanket. Howie got home just before 4 and had no dinner with him...that's okay, I wasn't expecting any fish! He did have fun tho!

Then, because I asked, he reorganized the garage so I can park the truck in there!!! We were joking on the way to church that the truck isn't as good as the car as it has heated when he asked why I wanted to park in the garage, I reminded him I don't have heated seats!!! So, now I get to park in the garage!! SWEET!!!! No cleanin off snow for this chickie!!!

After dinner DJ surprised counting in Spanish from 1-5....I had him do it twice as I could hardly believe my ears!! Then made him do it twice for Howie too! Clear as day he said them all! Dora IS a good thing!!! lol Blew me away!! Once the kids were in bed, I ran to the shed to stock up...the only thing missing for Thanksgiving dinner is onion...and I'm saying it out loud so at some point this week, I'll remember to pick one up! Here's hoping that trick works!

When I got back Howie was watching the AMA's....and I have to say, I really do like my country music bubble!! Who the heck are all these people who think they're singers!??!!? Have I really gotten that old!?!? In fact, it depresses the crap outta me that I'm old enough to be the Artist of the Year's mother!!!!!!! Downright depressing!!! And truly, him thanking Michael Jackson..."If it wasn't for Michael Jackson, none of us would be here" just shows his immaturity! Somebody get the boy a speech writer!!!! Ugh!!! I was saying to Howie earlier that MJ is my generation's version of Elvis...he'll never die!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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