Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rematch Day

This morning Sam woke up first and crawled in on my side and snuggled back to sleep for an hour til DJ got up...then I put him in bed between me and Howie and made room for Sam...but she chose the floor instead...she was still warm, and I bet the carpet was nice and cool. Then it quickly turned 8 and DJ and I were up!! He had a rematch race with Aunt Jackie today! She "thinks" she beat him last year and he KNOWS he beat the only way to settle it is with a rematch! So we dressed (he chose all racing clothes) and off we went! Met up with an Avon client first at my boyfriend Ben's establishment...I didn't dare go in for fear of losing track of time!

We got to Lake Tye and found a spot to park and met up with Jackie, Gwen and Zach...they'd done the short race for the Monroe Classic Fun was fun to see everyone dressed up in costumes or some kind of Halloween attire..then we hung around while they did all the raffle drawings...and then it came time to line up the kids for the kiddy race. Now, DJ had been quite ornery from the time we met up with Jackie & Co....and when it was time to line up, he REFUSED to let go of my hand...and didn't want to race...he was SO excited from last nite on when I told him about it...but push comes to shove, and he wouldn't do it! I was so disappointed!!! So we headed back to the truck, said our goodbyes and headed home.

We got home and Howie was dressed and ready for work....he had to go in for some set up stuff for their Spooktacular event tonite with Family Fun Night...bummer we weren't going, but with Sam still fevered, no sense. DJ was still being ornery and quite mouthy, and ended up in timeout...and fell asleep! So I let him nap for over an hour before waking him up. Meanwhile, Samantha took over an hour trying to poop so I grabbed the potty chair I have for her and brought it up...mostly to take her mind off it and to put her in a different position than standing up! It did relax her, but no pooping happened. A lot of off and on business, but no potty business. She thought it was pretty kool!!!

Just before lunch, she did finally finish pooping and had no it worked in a way. She also became very potty aware and would take her clothes off and her diaper off just to sit. And twice she told me right after peeing that she was wet and needed to maybe potty training really is in our near future!! Lord help me!

Howie got home shortly after 4 and got working the playstation stuff trying to make it so I can play my I lessened his burden a bit and bathed the kids one at a time. He was having some serious issues with it all and couldn't get it to work the way it did last weekend. NOT fun! He took a break for dinner and went back to it.

I got the kids ready for bed, Samantha was thrilled I discovered a nightie in the clothes she's growing into...and a Dora one at that! So it was easy to get her into her pj's! She was instantly twirling and dancing once it was on too!! SO cute! Oh, her fever broke while she was trying to poop that first time...and she was her normal wild child self! Very glad to have her back! Sick Sam is no fun!!! Sick DJ is a break...but Sick Sam is not!

Once they were settled in their beds I grabbed the movie to return and headed to sense getting charged for my free movie!! I also stopped at the shed and shopped. Then came home to try and find a movie on go! I'm not a horror movie fan, and since its Halloween, that's all they're playing. So I watched some reruns of New Adventures of Old Christine...and SNL is on in the background now.

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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