Monday, November 8, 2010

I finally hear snoring in church!!!!!!

I kid you not!!!

The time change memo did not make it to my kids....they were up at 5:30!!!! And no amount of snuggling and shushing could get them back to sleep....and since Howie was already awake...he got up with them! Not sure if both of them got up or if DJ stayed with me...its all kind of fuzzy for me. I know Samantha came back at one point with no clothes on and snuggled in a for a few minutes to warm up (not fun for me!) and then she was gone! lol  Then they both came to join me, and Howie shooed them my sleeping in today didn't quite pan out! Howie woke me up shortly after 8 which was the old 9...and Samantha joined the snuggle while DJ was occupied in the bathroom.

We headed to church on time and got settled in...we had a GREAT guest speaker today that is a men's speaker, and his sermon was about teaching kids when you don't think you're teaching kids!! Howie didn't think he needed to yell...I simply said he was passionate about what he had to say...and he was!!! While he was giving his sermon, DJ got a wee bit bored and fell asleep....


I kid you not!!!! We had people from all around us checking out where it was coming from....didn't help that the guy behind us was dozed off least HE didn't snore in unison!! ha!

When the sermon was over, Howie carried DJ out and I stopped to pick up two shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child...they have clear plastic shoe boxes for us to fill up. DJ was excited to bring them home and fill them up with the stuff we have ready. My g/f Kody was waiting next to our truck to pick up some books she was short on...and thankfully I had some to give her!! And arrangements with Rachel to get more for me!! Sheesh!

On the way home, Samantha fell asleep...and slept for 2 hours!!!! She really needed it tho! So the 3 of us ate lunch and DJ was off to play outside with everyone from next door. At which point Sam was awake...but she was being a little diva and didn't want lunch, or to change to go out and play, or to sit with me, or anything...she just wanted to whine! LOVE those moods!! Finally she snapped out of it but still didn't want to out she went! Howie got a bit of a nap and then headed outside to put the tarp on the boat...and me, I was gonna go lay down while everyone was out of the house...but that thought was VERY short lived as Howie popped his head in to tell me Jake and Morgin were on their way for dinner.  And the 10 second tidy started...which was really more of an hour long thing! I got 3 loads of laundry done too! And was folding number 2 when they arrived! The kids were both very excited to see them!!

Dinner was good...conversation was mostly about last nite's game...and somehow switched to Howie and I in high school and the yearbooks came out! I am FLOORED how much Jake looks like "high school Howie" and then he commented how he was enjoying ALL his hair now as he's afraid he'll be bald later in life...we all got a chuckle at that...but he STILL does need a haircut...bad!!! In case he reads this...ha!

Once they left the kids went to bed quite easily since their bodies were thinkin its 9's hoping they figure out the morning thing tomorrow! I then headed to the shed to shop while Howie watched tv...when I got back he went to bed and I watched tv. Amazing Race was tough to watch...all those mistakes!! And the cabbies not letting them have their stuff til they got paid...interesting!!! lol  Sad to see the father/son team eliminated! Penalties suck!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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